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Myanmar River Cruises

As a local tailor-made cruise company, Luxury Myanmar River Cruises (LMRC) as its name is a reliable address for booking lavish ships to the famous attractions of the golden land. Here we offer all  you need for an extraordinary expedition on the mighty rivers of Burma as well as get useful advices before coming and discovering this wonderland. Our first priority is to listen to, understand, and take care of our customers to help them planning the most interesting journey. A Myanmar river cruise is a unique way to explore the mesmerizing charm of this Asian country.


At Luxury Myanmar River Cruises, our first priority is to provide exceptional value of money with everything we deliver. One of the most effective ways to show our gratefulness to the customers is through our special offers. Every month, we constantly change our deals to include discounts and giveaways for passengers who wish to have an incredible voyage on the charming rivers of the golden land. With these special promotions, travellers will have a chance to enjoy the lavish life onboard of Myanmar river cruises with a lower rates. We always try to create the most fascinating expeditons for each and every passenger on our ships with excitement and comfort. Luxury Myanmar River Cruise has the power to make a surprise. Let’s check out our exclusive programs and secure a place on our cruises now!

Anawrahta Cruise

Luxury Cruises

The name of this magnificent Heritage Line Cruises ship is original from the Burmese nation’s founder, King Anawrahta. The Anawrahta cruise is described as the symbol of luxury and grandeur, much similar to the vast and majestic I ...


Belmond Road to Mandalay

Luxury Cruises

Discover the enchanting beauties, scents and sounds of the Irrawaddy River with 3 to 11 nights cruises onboard of Belmond Road to Mandalay cruise. This Belmond Cruises ship incorporates elegant Burmese materials and unique styles ...


Sanctuary Ananda

Luxury Cruises

The all-suite Sanctuary Ananda is sail in 2016 under the control of Sanctuary Retreats Myanmar, which is a travel and tourism enterprise. Named after the beautiful Ananda Temple in Bagan, Ananda also means “extreme happiness” in B ...



Myanmar River Cruise Collection

Beautiful Burma, also called Myanmar, is stepping out of a chequered past into a new era of hope and optimism. Contemporaneously, the country is also trying to show its enchanting beauty to the world by opening the door for foreign trade and tourism. Thus, Myanmar has become one of the best destinations in Southeast Asia. In a Myanmar river cruise, you can expect to be dazzled by shimmering cities of gilded temples, enlivened by green landscapes and humbled by the warm smiles of gracious villagers. Furthermore, Burma is also the land of lengendary rivers including the mysterious Irrawaddy as well as the tranquil Chindwin, where tourists can cruise on and admire the mesmerizing charms of this wonderland. Now, it is the time for astonishing Myanmar river cruises to explore this neglect and rustic country, where guides to many sacred pagodas, peaceful sites, picturesque landscapes, ancient towns, small villages, and unique monasteries await.


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Myanmar is a brand new destination in Southeast Asia that few tourists come and discover. The country is considered a Buddhist nation where most of its population are Buddhists. This wonderland is also home to thousands of temples and pagodas, stunning landscapes, renowned historical sites, and especially mysterious rivers. A Myanmar river cruise will be a fantastic chance to explore the mesmerizing beauty of the nature, learn about the unique culture, and interact with friendly Burmese people as well. Our travel guides below would help you having objective looks on this interesting country to plan a perfect Myanmar river cruise.

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Luxury Myanmar River Cruises is managed by Myanmar Private Holidays.

Established in the year of 2013, we are outstanding at helping you plan a fantastic vacations not only the normal vacations but also the exceptional ones which are full of inspiring and delightful journeys as well as unique and life-enriching experiences.

Basing on our real experiences and inspections in Myanmar, we are confident to bring travelers memorable and fabulous ...

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