10 Things to Remember Once Being on Yachts

13 Jun 2019 by Admin

For many tourists, traveling on yachts is a brand - new concept and they have literally no idea of the “do” and “don’t” when staying on a yacht. The following article, accompanied by creative illustrations by Kyaw Thu Yein – a famous cartoonist in Myanmar, will show you 10 things to remember once being on yachts to behave like a wise and experienced tourist even though you are boating for the very first time.

1. Most of the yachts will require the guests to take off their shoes before stepping onboard. This is because sand and street dirt attached to the shoes are harmful to the wooden decks. Tiny particles of stone and gravel may result in scratches on the wooden surface or even hurt those who accidentally sit or lie on them.


2. Generally, ordinary yachts like Myanmar yacht charters can only carry a limited amount of fresh water to supply to the guests. Some large boats may be equipped with desalinating machines which convert sea water into usable fresh water, but this equipment consumes a huge amount of energy on board. Therefore, tourist should just take quick showers to save water.

3. Don’t treat the seas and islands as if they were waste dumps. Behave like wise and cultivated tourists who are aware of the importance of environmental protection.

4. Don’t hesitate to approach the crew or sea-captain if you have any questions or in need of a helping hand, they are always willing to help you with whatever they can.

5. If you don’t want to experience your boating with a stuck toilet, don’t throw untreated stuff directly into the toilets because they are prone to block the wastewater ducts and tanks on a yacht.

6. Like when you are at home, remember to turn off fans, air-conditioner and light bulbs when you are about to leave your cabin for a while. Although yachts have power generator for extra electricity demands, it is always a good conduct to save energy and gasoline (for operating power generators).

7. Smoking inside the yacht may result in fires which are particularly dangerous and hard to handle because of the limited fight-fighting facilities on board. In addition, the smell of smoke may make other guests feel uncomfortable. For the reasons above, there are just some areas on the deck where smoking is allowed.

 8. We all know that a sailing boat relies on the force of the wind and the sailing routes are often along strong wind currents. Therefore, if you want to dry your clothes and towels outdoor, remember to use enough pegs. 

9. After playing in the water, you should first use a towel and sunbathe for a while to dry yourself before going back to your cabin. If you walk into your cabin with wet swimwear, salt water will drip all over the deck floor and cause obnoxious odor in closed environment.

10. After your boating trip, if you satisfy with the services provided on board, feel free to leave a tip for the yacht crew. A tip of 10 USD per day per guest would definitely work.

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