19th Street - The Unsleeping Street in Yangon

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Whenever setting foot in a crowded and bustling city like Yangon in Myanmar, tourists might easily get fascinated by peerless, enjoyable features from gorgeous, magnificent pagodas to ordinary, simple circle trains. Besides those experiences, there is a must - visit place called 19th Street where travelers possibly grasp the insight of animation and effervescency in Yangon.

What Makes 19th Street Exceptional?

Other than various streets in Myanmar in general and in Yangon in specific, it is said that 19th Street truly lives up at night. In the daytime, there are seemingly no striking aspects which capably differentiate 19th Street from numerous varied streets.

However, from late afternoon to the night, it turns out to be an unbelievably vibrant and attractive site for tourists. That is the time when travelers absolutely feel overwhelmed by the huge crowds on the streets and a wide range of stalls and restaurants. It could be considered a night life in Yangon as the market is simply on act at night.

19th street Yangon
19th Street full of various stalls at night

It is definitely amazing to get to know a large number of different cuisines on just a little street. The street style dining is of an incredibly inviting and rewarding experience for most of tourists from all corners of the world.

The variety of food options includes not only Myanmar traditional foods but also foreign dishes such as China, India, Thailand and Western countries as well. Sitting on a plastic chair right on the street in an outdoor food stalls certainly promises unforgettable and pleasant moments for people.

yangon 19th street
People dining on 19th Street

Furthermore, besides readily made cuisines, tourists are able to choose the fresh ingredients and have them cooked right away. Just give it a try and you will love it for sure.

Another noticeable point is that every dish on 19th Street is extremely friendly budget. Other than upscale and luxurious restaurants in Yangon, this street with full of stalls and ordinary restaurants offers people with an abundance of food and beverage choices. Tourists can try various sorts of foods at a very reasonable price. It is also better to reach this street with your friends for shared price.

19th street Yangon 1
Foods on preparation

In addition, 19th Street is where tourists can find it so convenient to have a conversation with local people and with other tourists either. People sound to become friendlier to feel free share their own stories even with strangers. This could be a great chance to make friends and get to learn the unexpected amazing.

For those who simply wish to wallow into the huge crowds of people, taking a stroll along the street is also an interesting idea. Being a part of the lively street in Yangon surely allows you to know why 19th Street is so well known. It is not like standing among the streets with gridlocked cars, exhausts and dust, but to soak in exciting and lively atmosphere.

yangon 19th street 1
Numerous cuisine options

At the nearly end of 19th Street, there are a few restaurants where tourists are supposed to get into a quieter and less vibrant spaces compared with the street outside. Of course, these are places where you can expect better services such as formal chairs and tables, a menu and the like.

Some Tips for 19th Street Visit

Thanks to its fame over Myanmar, there is no way 19th Street is unknown by a local person. Therefore, if you get confused to approach to it, just take a taxi and ask the driver to reach there.

19th street Yangon 2
19th Street at night

The street lives up from 6 pm until 11:30 pm; thus, if you drop in Yangon, it is greater to visit other interest spots in day time and come to 19th Street in the evening.

The huge number of people on the street might make you get troublesome to go inside the street. For this reason, it is suggested that you should follow the crowds by walking on the footway to handily overcome the entrance which often stay in stuck.

yangon 19th street 3
Myanmar beer party on 19th Street

With a handful of dishes which just take in a range of between $ 2 and $ 6 for a meal and less than $ 2 for a Myanmar cup of beer, you are recommended to take this fabulous opportunity to give them a try.

For further wow-worthy moments, please see Travel to Yangon or Luxury Myanmar River CruisesWe will take care your trip from A to Z.

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