5 Best Myanmar Luxury Ships with Pool

13 Jun 2019 by Admin

Traveling on cruises is one of the best ways to explore the mighty country of Myanmar. There are various types of cruise for you to choose depending on your demand and capacity. Still, traveling on the followings luxury ships with pool would bring you the greatest level of relaxation and satisfaction.

1. Anawrahta Cruise

This superb cruise ship is named after King Anawrahta, the founder of a glorious dynasty in the history of Myanmar. Among luxury ships with pools, the Anawrahta Cruise Ship is regarded as one of the best cruise ship sailing on Irrawaddy River with the most spacious cabins and the highest number of crew member in relation to the number of passengers. The magnificent and sumptuousness of the ship perfectly match with the majestic of Irrawaddy River.

This elegant ship is designed in British colonial style in combination with the spirit of Theravada Buddhism extending over the length of 65 meters, featuring three spacious decks and 23 deluxe cabins. The interior of the ship is decorated with glittering brass and sophisticatedly carved woodwork, providing a glance to the glorious ancient era of Burma.

2. The Strand Cruise

Starting its first sail on the very last days of 2016, this luxury ship runs along the beautiful river of Irrawaddy through many breath-taking sights and take tourists to two major tourist attractions of Myanmar, namely Mandalay and Bagan. The Strand Cruise Ship is comprised of 4 decks with 27 luxurious cabins, providing the accommodations for 54 passengers.

Like many other luxury ships with pool, this ship can be considered a floating hotel for it fully offers unparalleled quality comforts such as library, sundeck, restaurant, gym, salon and swimming pool. The meals on board are well-prepared by recognized chefs and the guests can choose between Myanmar delicacies and Western dishes. Tourists also have the chance to learn about the culture of Myanmar via onboard recreation activities.

3. Sanctuary Ananda

This ship was launched for the very first time in 2016 and under the management of sanctuary Retreats Myanmar, a firm operating the field of travel and tourism. The name Ananda is taken after the majestic Ananda Temple in Bagan. In the tongue of Burmese people, Ananda means “extreme happiness”, the state that all human want to attain. Sailing along Irrawaddy River, this charming floating hotel provides the guests on board with unimaginable opulence and lavishness.

Sanctuary Ananda composes of 21 roomy and comfy cabins with balconies to throw your view over the riverside to admire the beauty of the places that the ship passes by. Conformed with the standard for luxury ships with pool, this ship is designed like a world-class hotel with restaurants, library, gym, spa and swimming pool for the guests to enjoy conveniences and lavishness at the best quality. All the meals on board are prepared by professional chefs certified by international institutions.

4. Belmond Orcaella

First introduced in 2013, the name of the Belmond Orcaella Cruise originates from the name of a famous dolphin species residing in Irrawaddy River. The Ship bears a great resemblance to Belmond Road to Mandalay which can be considered the elder sister of Belmond Orcaella. Once tourists have stepped on board, they should prepare to travel through exceptional experiences in a comfortable and enchanting atmosphere.

This ship has a modern design of luxury ships with pool and was built in small size to be able to access far-off locations along Irrawaddy and Chindwin River. Comprised of 25 roomy cabins with balconies, the ship provides tourists with comfortable living spaces and the imaginable relaxation during their trip exploring the mighty rivers.

5. Belmond Road to Mandalay

Manufactured in 1964, Belmond Road to Mandalay was comprehensively revamped by luxury travel company Belmond Cruises and has begun its luxurious cruises on Irrawaddy River since 1996. This majestic ship is now the cruise with the longest journey on Irrawaddy River.

This cruise ship also provides the guests with various lavish conveniences such as swimming pool, wellness hub, sun deck and exciting evening recreation activities. The guests on board are served with a menu of international cuisine including dishes originated from Western and South East Asian countries.

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