5 Things to Remember When Taking a Myanmar Cruising Trip

12 Jun 2019 by Admin

With long rivers running north - south, the waterway has always been a convenient mode of transportation in Myanmar for centuries. In recent years, along with the bloom of tourism, such rivers as Irrawaddy and Chindwin have been exploited as places to operate cruising trips. Below are things that tourists should bear in mind when being in Myanmar Cruising Trip.

1. Travel with a Tour Guide

myanmar river cruise tips
Traveling with a tour guide is alway a good idea

Tourism is relatively new in this country and the systems supporting for tourism are not fully developed. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you get accompanied by a tour guide when visiting tourism destinations.

When going with a licensed guide, who are trained professionally and knowledgeable and able to speak the local language, tourists will not have to fear of getting lost in places with tangled traffic or buying local products and souvenirs at high prices.

In addition, a guide will provide you with anecdotes and legends about the place that you are visiting, which will help you have an insightful view of the places and have better impression and memories of your Myanmar Cruising Trip.

2. Pack Appropriately

Myanmar is widely known under the name “The Land of Golden Pagoda”. Here, Buddhism is the main religion, 8 out of 10 people would practice some form of the religion. Hence, it is no surprise that tourists find many religious sites in the itineraries for their Myanmar Cruising Trip. This Buddhist country is relatively conservative in dressing and modest clothing is a must. 

myanmar river cruise tips 1
People come to temples to pray

Thus, tourists should prepare some articles of appropriate clothes when visiting religious sites. For women, blouses or shirts with long sleeves are the most appropriate outfit, helping them cover their shoulders and knees and protecting them from the scorching sun.

For men, long shorts are acceptable but not for cotton slacks. Additionally, sandals are the best choice when visiting temples and pagodas as shoes and socks must be removed when entering sacred places.

3. Prepare for the Heat

The climate in Myanmar is divided into three main seasons: cool and dry, hot and dry and rainy. Most tourists would choose to cruise in dry seasons and avoid the rainy one, which falls between May and October. During cool and dry month from November to February, the average temperature is around 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Meanwhile, in the hot and dry season, the temperature can soar up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. To cope with the heat, tourists should bring lightweight clothes such as cotton slacks and shorts. And don’t forget to bring sunhats, sunglasses and sunscreen when coming to this tropical country.

4. Be a Smart Eater

myanmar river cruise tips 2
A traditional snack in Myanmar

Besides the dishes served on board, tourist should not miss the chance of tasting delicacies in the places that they visit. Myanmar is the home to more than 135 ethnic groups with their own history and culture. For this reason, the cuisine in this country is greatly diversified.

We can name some representative traditional foods such as “lahpet thoke” which is a kind of salad made with fermented tea leaves and “mohinga” – a rice noodle soup with fish for breakfast. Dishes originate from India and China is seasoned with sauces, curries, chilies and other spices. However, be careful when trying foods in street vendors for many of them don’t meet food safety requirements.

5. Don’t Forget Your Camera

During a Myanmar Cruising Trip, the ship would sail across many spectacular views and iconic sights of Myanmar, so be sure that you have a camera by your side with full battery and a memory card. Be ready to capture memorable moments and the beauty of nature along the riverside.

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