6 Reasons to Experience Myanmar by Cruises

12 Jun 2019 by Admin

If you are planning for a leisure trip in this summer, then Myanmar is one of the best options for you. Recently, this Buddhist country has been on the list of most attracting tourist destinations.

Among the features contributing to the recent development of this country tourism, traveling on a cruise along rivers might be the one that should be mentioned in the first place. Most of the tourist agencies would recommend you to experience Myanmar by cruises because of the uniqueness that it brings about. The following are some of the reasons that might make you fall for this form of traveling.

1. Observe Real Life via Panoramic Lens

Wherever you visit in Myanmar, you would be surrounded by the friendliness and kindness of local people. Nevertheless, when you come to visit remote communities, who rarely come into contact with foreign visitors, their openness and hospitality toward visitors are somewhat extraordinary.

why myanmar river cruises
Life in a riverside village

Living amongst remote communities along the river bank, tourists have the opportunity to experience the real life of local people in Myanmar. Every single experience is genuine and unforgettable, there is nothing like faking or acting here.

2. Visit Places Off - The - Beaten Path

In Myanmar, there are many places isolated with outside world and can only be accessed via waterway. Hence, if choosing to experience Myanmar by cruises, tourists would be enabled to access far-off locales and come into contact with unique communities.

lmrc 1
A riverside remote community

Such places as the quaint community of Yandabo with the reputation for pottery and Hpowindaung, the home of a Buddhist cave complex, are not likely to appear on the itinerary of tourists choosing to explore Myanmar by road.

3. Experience Sightseeing from a Different Angle

Myanmar possesses various marvelous sights such as the famous ancient temples of Bagan and Shwedagon – the Golden Pagoda. Have you ever imagine of seeing these iconic sights from a totally different angle? If not, then it is highly recommended that you try seeing them from a cruise ship. The experience that you will get is somewhat unique and extraordinary.

why myanmar cruises
Majestic temples of Bagan in the morning

4. Have More Time for Sightseeing

If you are a dynamic tourist who desires to explore the whole country and wants to travel from place to place every day, but tired of packing and unpacking for the journey, then you should experience Myanmar by cruises.

\When cruising, the time for checking in and checking out is minimized and you can spend your valuable time exploring this Buddhist country.

Once you have chosen to travel on a cruise along Irrawaddy River, all the worries and quandaries will vanish. You just need to get on board, unpack your stuff once and for all, and spend the rest of your time enjoying the trip.

why myanmar river cruises 1
You just need to unpack once and enjoy the luxury

5. Enjoy Relaxation and Free Your Mind.

Those who have decided to experience Myanmar by cruises can fully enjoy their vacation with relaxation, on knowing that they will have everything from traveling plan, meals and entertaining activities well-prepared.

Tourists would not find themselves in situations where they have to rush back to their room to take their wallet or unable to choose the restaurant for dinner. They can just simply sit comfortably, free their mind from trivial thoughts and observe the world go by from the river bank.

6. Know Your Hosts Better

Instead of changing your hotel frequently and having to get acquaint with totally new staff, you might establish some kind of relationship with staff and crew on board by the end of your cruise. Not only will you swiftly be on first-name terms, but they will also be enabled to deliver incomparable services even without a question, from knowing your favorite dishes to being able to suggest a dish from the menu that you might have an appetite for.

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