8 Reasons to Visit Mergui Archipelago

13 Jun 2019 by Admin

Lying in the Andaman Sea off the coast of Malay Peninsula, Mergui Archipelago comprises more than 8,000 beautiful islands whose sizes vary from very small with just a few coconut trees to relatively large with the area of several hundred square kilometers.

The Mergui Archipelago has hidden charms that make adventurous souls can’t help visiting once they travel to Myanmar. I’m sure that after reading the following 8 reasons to visit Mergui Archipelago, you would want to hit the road right away.

1. Escape from Modern World

reasons to visit mergui
The Islands of Mergui Archipelago are Still in Pristine State

Taking a Mergui Archipelago tour is just like an escape from the hustles and bustles of the modern world. Up until the present, this archipelago has yet been known by many tourists and hasn’t been affected much by the tourism industry. The quiet and tranquility on the islands will help you forget the worries of daily life and regain energy and balance.

2. Have a Walk along Pristine Beaches

reasons to visit mergui 1
The Sandy Beach Sparkles under Sunlight

Because of the little influence of tourism industry, the beaches on uninhabited and palm-fringed islands of Mergui Archipelago still maintain their unspoiled beauty with azure water and silvery beaches. I believe that you will have a good time walking along these beaches on barefoot.

3. Meet the Local Sea Nomad

reasons to visit mergui 3
The Sea Gypsies Live Mainly on Boats

The Mergui Archipelago is home to the Moken people who are a Myanmar ethnic group with many unique characteristics. Also referred to as sea gypsies or the Salone, these people lead a nomadic, sea-based life on the islands.

Through hundreds of year, Moken people have adjusted their way of life to live near the sea and become masters of free-diving, capable of focusing their vision under water and staying underwater without diving equipment much longer than normal people.

4. Admire Mystical Night Sky

reasons to visit mergui 4
The Sky Veils a Mystical Coat at Night

Staying away from the light pollution in the cities that never sleep, you can lie on the deck of a cruise like RV Andaman Explorer or on the beaches to admire the beauty of night sky. A clear sky with millions of sparkling stars will definitely bring you relaxation.

5. Entertain in the Azure Water

reasons to visit mergui 5
Shark-seeing is a Favourite Activities of Adventurous Souls

Many islands in the Mergui Archipelago possess beautiful coral reefs which are the habitat of thousands of urchins and little multicolored tropical fish. There, you will have the chance to take part in activities of snorkeling and kayaking to explore the world above and under the crystalline water.

For adventurous souls, diving in Mergui Archipelago at spots near steep rock cliffs and shark-seeing will give you unforgettable thrilling experiences.

6. Discover Intact Islands

reasons to visit mergui 6
Mangrove Forests Are Home to Many Animals

Setting foot on the deserted islands, you will feel the urge to discover the world concealed behind the green walls. The diverse forest ecosystem on these islands offers opportunities to learn about wildlife in their pristine state.

The islands are home to such exotic animals as python, gibbon, civet, white-bellied sea eagle and emerald dove. The flora there is also very rich in the number of species. A jungle trekking tour in Lampi Island Marine National Park is not a bad idea to explore the forests.

7. Catch your Own Meal

reasons to visit mergui 7
You Can Catch Huge Fish If You Are Lucky Enough

On many boats, there are fishing rods for you to borrow, but you can also bring your own rod if you like. Sailing on the Andaman Sea, you can catch many kinds of fish from snapper, mackerel, tuna to sailfish and marline. You will be really delighted when enjoying the fish that you catch by your own.

8. Go Sailing on Beautiful Classic Yachts

reasons to visit mergui 8
Luxury Yachts Best Suit The Trip Exploring Mergui Archipelago

Sailing on yachts is the best choice to explore Mergui Archipelago in a luxurious and classic way. Feel the touch of sea wind, the warm of sunshine, admire the beauty of the sea and islands and enjoy a lavish meal. You will have cuttlefish and squid served fresh together with other dishes on board.

Have you felt the urge to visit Mergui Archipelago now? Contact us today to secure a place on our Myanmar yacht charters and we will bring you unforgettable experiences.

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