A Tragic Waste of Travelling to Miss 3 Enchantingly Pretty Beaches in Myanmar

10 Jun 2019 by Admin

Whenever you want to escape from intolerable life-related burdens, senses of unutterable sadness, mounting concerns or simply seek for a chance for relaxation from work or life, going for a stroll along charming, magnificent beaches in Myanmar, sun-bathing fully stretched out on the stunning beaches while hearing the gentle sound of waves lapping the sand or frolic in the enormous waves could perhaps seen as immensely rewarding, heat-warming and revitalizing acts of recreation.

1. Ngapali Beach

When it comes to beaches in Myanmar, it is unmissable to take some time on Ngapali Beach, extremely gorgeous and ravishing as a mysteriously and incredibly bewitching planet. That is understandable why Ngapali is called Lonely Planet. There is a common headache question raised by visitors why the sky and the beach here are in harmony in terms of color all the time. To be more specific, in day time, a seductive blue color fulfilled the whole beach and sky brings tourists the feeling of unbelievably amazing peace, ease and comfort. Walking along the beach at sunset or sitting in the glow of the sunset covering all space and surrounding sceneries also induce them to feet an inexpressibly nice glow.

There is no doubt why beach comers have a tendency to prolong their journey at Ngapali beach. A wide range of outdoor activities can be enjoyed here namely cycling ride along the seashore stretching endlessly, building lovely sand castles in soft, smooth sands, taking boat trips to wander the beach, scuba diving to discover marine creatures under the beach and so forth. In addition, there will be no change in fabulous experience whether people come to such a splendid beach at the normal or peak season thanks to the fact that Ngapali is considered peaceful and quiet paradise by a variety of tourists.

Sunset in Ngapali Beach

2. Ngwe Saung

Ngwe Saung does not attract visitors by its showily magnificent beauty compared to Ngapali beach, but maybe deceive them by its original and simple prettiness bearing the stamp of fishing little villages. The beach is bordered by graciously stretching rows of green palms combined with a variety of small, nearby, handy restaurants. The deep blue of harmonized giant sky and immense beach in combination with cool green of a handful of palm trees with white, soft, silver sand in the middle all together creates a picturesque natural view.

Furthermore, travelers might rejoice in open-air activities of entertainment such as playing volleyball in long charming sands or sailing on the beach to attain the further understanding of sensations of marvelously enormous beach, amazingly cool winds and excitingly clapping waves as well. Motorbike lovers are also likely to take a short trip on easy to rented motorbikes so as to travel around lovely villages located in a rather close distance. At these villages, they could see cute handy souvenirs rewarding to take as tourism gifts.

3. Kanthaya Beach

Kanthaya can be seen as a perfect hideaway for those seeking for a totally peaceful and refreshing place for the sake of fading away urban life’s business. Regarded as Pleasant beach, Kanthaya becomes an exotically graceful, elegant, untouched beach in most of tourists’ eyes. People coming to such a beautifully plain beach normally get interested in Myanmar’s coastal life.

Staying in a room of a local house in a nearby village instead of a superstar room in a modern resort and taking part in fishermen’s sailings for living on the beach offer them an unforgettably enjoyable opportunity to enjoy their own life in a slower than normal pace. By this way, the insights of Myanmar’s coastal life in specific as well as oriental life styles are gradually disclosed. This could be an absolutely wonderful experience for those who love to explore not solely a miraculous beach but also particular open-eye beach-close life.

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