Admire Sunrise in Bagan - A Memorable Experience in Bagan Travel

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With thousands of Buddhis constructions scattered across the country, Myanmar always appears with its ancient beauty and mystery attracting tourists. There are many tourist attractions including Yagoon, Mandalay, Inle Lake, and Bagan, where travellers can explore the unique culture and rustic people of this Asian country. A Bagan travel will be a fantastic chance for those who would like to discover the world of temple in this Buddhist nation. And one of the not - to - be -missed experiences in a Bagan travel is watching sunrise here.

Watching sunrise, an amazing experince in a Bagan travel


The most beautiful and unique way to admire the sunrise of the region is riding a balloon. Tourists have chane to fly over and watch the panoramic views of the ancient city below, as a new day begins catching first sunrays.

If you travel with a tight budget that can afford for hot air balloon flight watching sunrise in Bagan (the price of ballooning is quite expensive: around 300$ per person), you can have others ways to watch sunrise in the ancient city of Bagan and enjoy this unforgettable experience by climbing the pagodas. However, most of pagodas are closed for climbing because of a climbing - ban in force since January 2018. Although you are not permitted to climb the pagodas, there are still some small pagodas which are suitable for you to climb and watch sunrise from amazing view like Utrecht Temple. It is not higher than other famous pagodas in Bagan but it is still perfect spot to give you ideal view to catch sunrise moment.

Watching sunrise from the pagoda

From early morning, tourists flock together into crowd to find the best locations for watching sunrise.

Many photographers are ready with their equipments to take the best pictures of the Bagan Travel

Balloons begin to be stocked up to get the first sunrays at sunrise

The sun appear slowly on the horizon with the excitement of tourists

In addition, here are some ways to watch sunrise in Bagan:

  • Bagan viewing tower: It will give you 360 degree views from very high spot so you can watch sunrise and sunset from this tower. The entrance fee is $5 USD but it can change from time to time.

Bagan Viewing Tower with modern elevator sytem

  • Viewing mounds: When the climbing-ban was enforced by the Bagan Archaeological Management Committee, they also made a decision to built some mounds around a lake so travellers can watch sunrise and sunset from hgher grounds. However, when it gets crowded, you will not have alone time to enjoy the sunrise moment.

Man-made Viewing Mounds

Travel to Bagan and experience the brilliant moments of the aurora in the ancient city in your own way. Our Luxury Myanmar River Cruises ensure that you will have remarkable memories with an amazing adventure especially a Myanmar river cruise to this ancient city.

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