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Situated by the mighty Irrawaddy river, Bagan is the magnificent capital city of the old Burma – Myanmar today for 230 years from 9th to 13th century. 10,000 pagodas, temples and religious houses were constructed under the ruling time of the Pagan Kingdom. However, today more than 3,000 of these buildings from this era survive due to wars and earthquakes.

The outstanding design and structure of the Buddhist architectural works in Bagan are now the national archaeology zone of Myanmar which can compare to the Angkor Wat of Cambodia or Borododur of Java, Indonesia.

bagan balloon riding
Plain of temples in Bagan

Tourists come to Bagan can discover this religious place by horse carts or choosing a more unique and interesting way by hot - air balloon. The experience in the sky is absolutely phenomenal with the spectacular panorama of the plain of ancient temples below accompanied by the number of balloons slowly drifting across the horizon. Balloon riding will bring the completely different view over the masterpiece of the long gone empire.

Plus, the balloon will stop anywhere in the zone whether it will be: a temple, a village nearby or by the river. Check – out our guide below for an unforgettable balloon riding in Bagan.

balloon over bagan
Bird's eye view of the temples by balloon

Best Time to Experience Bagan Balloon Riding

You may wonder: what is the best time for trying this experience? Well, the weather in Bagan is pretty hot. The best time to visit is from November to February, when the temperature is about 30°C (86°F) and hardly chance of raining. Avoid coming in March or May because that is the hottest time of the year when the temperature can hit 43°C (110°F) or more.

Balloon riding usually run in the mid October to March when the wind is more moderate and less of unexpected severe weather. Balloon over Bagan will start in the early morning when the ancient site at its most beautiful at dawn and the temperature is pleasant.

bagan hot air balloon ride
Ballooning at dawn

How to Book a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Bagan is a famous destination in Myanmar drawing thousands of visitors coming to admire its mind blowing Buddhist construction every year. The balloon riding in Bagan is indeed the most popular activity with 85% of people reviewing it excellent in TripAdvisor.

Furthermore, in the peak season (mid - December to early January), it’s very difficult to have a free spot in the balloons. So you’d better book in advance for a perfect balloon trip.

The booking can be made in the websites as well as the offices of the balloon riding companies such as: Balloons over Bagan, Oriental ballooning or golden eagle. In addition, you will have a chance to enjoy the Bagan balloon riding for free when book your Luxury Myanmar River Cruises with us.

The cancellation policy is quite strict depending on each balloon operator. No refunds will be made owing to failure to arrive or pre – arranged flight, so consider carefully before booking a flight. On the other hand, in case of cancel due to the unfavorable weather conditions or operational difficulties, you will receive a full refund.

bagan balloon riding 1
Balloon riding in the peak season

Balloon Over Bagan Price

There are 2 packages offered by the balloon riding companies for your choices: Premium and Classic. Although the price is expensive, it is definitely worth every pennies . You will fly with the well – trained oversea pilot in the fully imported balloon drifting through the wind of Bagan in the most inspiring moment of the day when the magnificent plain of the Buddhist temples coming out from the mist of the sunrise.

bagan balloon ride 1
Classic balloon flight

bagan balloon ride 2
Premium balloon flight

The price has included the pickup cost from the hotel, a light breakfast with croissants and fresh fruits at the launch site, a glass of champagne for celebration after landing. The operators even give you a certificate for experience this trip by balloon riding.

bagan balloon ride 3
A special treat after the flight

There will be an extra cost about 20 USD in the Christmas and New Year period for this time is the peak season of this kind of activity.

Standby tickets can be purchased at the sale desk of the balloon operators but you have to buy them at least 48 hours in advance.

Things You Should Keep in Mind When Taking a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Bagan

  •  You should bring warm clothes like a long – sleeved shirt or a light jacket as the early morning in Bagan will get quite cold and damp. And of course, bring you camera to capture the most wonderful view over the ancient city.
  •  Always listen to the pilot as he gives the most important information about safety
  •  No smoking

Let Myanmar tour packages arrange your perfect Balloon tours to Bagan.

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