Top 3 Star Hotels and Resorts in Bagan

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Whenever placing your feet into such a magnificent, legendary land as Bagan in Myanmar, tourists might be seemingly irresistible from the stunning and untouched landscapes here. Due to the huge attraction on a wide range of travelers from all walks of life, the demand for great dwellings is of common concern towards a handful of tourists. If you are on the similar situation, this essay is definitely your problem solver.

1. Aye Yar River View Resort

The most selling point is somehow revealed in the brand name – Aye Yar River View Resort. That is the exotic view from the resort through the magical and peaceful river nearby. This is the residence where customers can easily seek for peace and intimacy in a corner of the crowded city. It is also very convenient for travelers to reach temples, pagodas and other interest spots in just a few minutes by car or on walk.

Aye Yar River View Resort

2. Blue Bird Hotel

There are common comments that Blue Bird Hotel is one of the most rewarding break stop for tourist as coming to Bagan. The very first impressive in this amazingly pleasant hotel is the professional staffs who are of great care and extreme enthusiasm to individual’s needs. Most of customers who spent some days in this hotel highly appreciate their friendliness and kindness. Beside the incredible staffs, Blue Bird Hotel is also called a hidden gem in Bagan as clients can enjoy themselves with not only the spacious, modernly equipped room but also cool, huge swimming pool and terrific restaurants as well.

Blue Bird Hotel

3. Bagan Lodge

If you are hunting for an undoubtedly fantastic and romantic stay, Bagan Logde must definitely be taken into account. You are supposed to enjoy your dwelling not in a luxurious multi storey hotel but in an unbelievably wonderful villa. The sidewalks surrounded by lust and beautiful gardens would be worth to take a stroll to discover the exotic landscapes. Spending some times by the fresh pool is of course amazing and pleasant so as to reenergize from hard days of work.

Bagan Lodge

4. The Hotel at Tharabar Gate

If you are wishing to escape from crowdedness and congestion of a noisy and buy urban life, The Hotel at Tharabar Gate which is lovely called a peace paradise is surely your perfect destination to reach. Covered by a lot of palm trees, tourists are likely to fall in love with extremely comfortable and fresh atmosphere here. The Hotel at Tharabar Gate is located in a very close distance to primary interest spots in Bagan; thus, you are able to visit these places in a breathless manner for sure.

The Hotel at Tharabar Gate

5. Aureum Palace Hotel & Resort Bagan

It is said that Aureum Palace Hotel & Resort Bagan truly magical and gorgeous paradise of fulfilled luxury in Bagan. A wide array of customers gets surprised with the unexpectedly stunning architectures in the hotel at the very first sight. Sitting at a balcony under the sparkling lights and overlook the beautiful and awesome sceneries are of wow-worthy experiences. As a result, numerous couples in love or newly weeding spouses choose this lovely place as a stop to delight their trip with romantic and unforgettable moments.

Aureum Palace Hotel & Resort Bagan

6. Arthawka Hotel

From various tourists’ reviews relating to great stay in Bagan, Arthwka Hotel is evaluated as one of the good value residence. Clients are warmly welcomed and served by the staffs who are smiling, obliging and willing to get out of their way to provide help all the time. The services can be regarded as of excellent plus point for such a cool break stop. The highly equipped furniture along with the incredible swimming pool and so amazingly other staffs contribute to the success of this hotel in offering travelers really worthy and valuable experiences.

Arthawka Hotel

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