Top 3 Star Hotels in Yangon

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Whenever coming to a bustling city as Yangon in Myanmar, you might wonder whether it is challenging to seek for a stay of great services and budget- friendliness. If this is your current concern, then you are on the right track to keep your eyes onwards this essay, which provides the details of the best 3 star hotels in Yangon.

1. Hotel Grand United

Located on Chinatown Street, Hotel Grand United is one of the most convenient hotels for tourists to get access to a lot of interest spots nearby. It will be a wonderful experience if you choose this amazing residence. The rooms are sufficiently spacious and clean for people to get relaxed and comfortable as if they were staying at home.

Hotel Grand United

The feelings of trying different meals namely Western and Eastern cuisines at the roof floor restaurant are of fabulous experiences. Besides, from the roof floor, it is easy to capture the fantastic sceneries of the city. Overseeing the happening in a crowded destination from an enjoyable space is vastly rewarding.

2. Hotel Accord

If you love to escape noise and congestion from busy Yangon, Hotel Accord which is lovely called a warm haven in vibrant Yangon will perfect your stay. Situated out of the downtown, this hotel promises to offer travelers a comfort zone. The staffs here are extremely friendly and attentive to individual’s needs; thus you are always greeted in a kind manner and see their sparkling smiles. Just give it a try and you will satisfy with what are offered in such an incredible hotel.

Sparkling Overview of Hotel Accord

3. Inya Lake Hotel

Thanks to its enviously great location close to charming Inya Lake, Inya Lake Hotel is named after this beautiful lake. It is worth to take your resting time in such an enormously awesome oasis as you can enjoy the stunning views of the lake nearby from the hotel. Taking a stroll around Inya Lake for fresh, cool air is of extreme relaxation and peace. Most of clients prefer to enjoy the impressive pool after their walk.

Relaxing at the Swimming Pool

4. Clover City Center

Among various types of hotels situated in the middle of Yangon, Clover City Center is highly suggested by a lot of experienced visitors. From this hotel, customers absolutely find it come in handy to approach a number of favorite sites such as Sule Pagoda, shopping malls and so forth.

Clover City Center Beautiful in White

Beside the impression on luxurious decorations, clients might consider this fantastic residence immensely good value. Because its selling location and staffs of help eagerness do not have a par with the price tag.

5. Clover Hotel

If you plan to visit magical, splendid Shedagon pagoda and exotic Gandawkyi park, Clover Hotel is one of good choices to drop in because it is really accessible with easy to the above spots by taxi even on foot. This hotel is also an amazing site where you can try for varied kinds of decent dishes including Western and traditional Myanmar foods as well. The value is certainly great as everything is provided at a reasonable price.

A Warm Room at Clover Hotel Yangon in Yangon, Myanmar

6. Hotel Esta

There is never a fool decision to select a mid-range hotel as Hotel Esta as your ideal break stop in Yangon. Lying on the edge of Chinese Town, customers can direct to an array of main spots in a convenient way. The most countable point in this hotel is the staffs who professionally and enthusiastically behave. They are willing to provide helps all the time and available everywhere in the hotel.

Hotel Esta, Yangon, Interior Entrance

Another worth to note feature is that the breakfast is memorably fantastic. With the wide range of selections of delicious cuisines which are changed daily, customers seems to undoubtedly satisfy with what are offered.

Source: Myanmar River Cruises

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