Top 4 Star Hotels and Resorts in Yangon

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Myanmar’s former capital named Yangon is not only the largest city but also a popular interest spot that draws numerous attractions of various tourists from all corners of the world. In such a crowded and vibrant city like Yangon, there is no doubt on the huge demands of hotels and resorts, which perhaps induces a lot of travelers to bear dwelling concerns during their time here. If you belong to that group, you are on the right track to keep your eyes onwards this article, which focuses on the best 4 star hotels and resorts in Yangon.

1. Savoy Hotel Yangon

One of the most favorable break stops in Yangon is Savoy Hotel Yangon which is located nearby famous Shwedagon pagoda. Most of customers are satisfied with the offers as well as the services in this lovely hotel, which is called Golden Heaven in Yangon by a handful of tourists. You are definitely brought about the feeling of comfort and satisfaction as if you were staying at home.

Savoy Hotel Yangon

Besides the swimming pool, a beauty center and a nice bar, clients might enjoy delicious cuisines at very reasonably prices at two high-quality restaurants. The staffs who are incredibly professionally and attentive to individual’ matters absolutely persuade customers even the difficult ones at the very first time.

2. Esperado Lake View Hotel

The most selling point in an amazing residence like Esperado Lake View Hotel is seemingly the roof top restaurant, which lies on the 9th floor. Thank to its incredibly great location, customers have enjoy themselves with the spectacular views of the surrounding landscapes such as Shwedagon pagoda, the close lake, the park and a lot more while trying for tasty international and Myanmar’s dishes. Clients might also get impression on the modern style and decoration of Esperado Lake View Hotel.

Esperado Lake View Hotel

3. Hotel Grand United (21th Downtown)

With the central location, Hotel Grand United is one of the hotels hunted by a wide range of travelers. In this hotel, clients probably fall in love with the roof top bar which offers stunning sceneries of the whole Yangon and local life as well. It is easy to access an array of places in the city by taxi or on foot. The staffs, who are well-behavior and obliging, certainly make you feel welcomed all the time.

Hotel Grand United (21th Downtown)

4. Clover City Center Plus Hotel

Centrally situated in the heart of a bustling city like Yangon, Clover City Center Plus Hotel is extremely accessible and convenient to discover Yangon and near places. This dwelling is evaluated good value for stay as the services it provides are of friendly budget. It is worth to spend some days in Yangon in this hotel. Furthermore, with the nice and careful servants, this residence should be taken into consideration.

Clover City Center Plus Hotel

5. Hotel Grand United (Chinatown)

It is a proper option to choose Hotel Grand United as a staying place in Yangon. Everything in this hotel is so enjoyable and inexpensive that a number of travelers dropping at this site. People often get impressive by super-friendly servants who are of great care and enthusiasm. If you are having troublesome issues, you should feel free to approach them for help because they are going to your trouble solvers for sure.

Hotel Grand United (Chinatown)

6. Clover City Centre

Another centrally situated hotel customers seek for as coming to Yangon is Clover City Centre. This place is regarded as comfortable and reasonable break stop in most of customers’ opinion. This friendly place with smiling staffs likely promises you a good stay during your time in a busy city. It is of a suitable spot if your planed destinations are in the centre or surrounding of Yangon.

Clover City Centre

7. Taw Win Garden Hotel

Taw Win Garden Hotel is seen as a hidden gem in busy Yangon. It is strategically located in the centre of Yangon, which is one of its strong points. The most impressive feature of Taw Win Garden Hotel is that from this hotel, people can capture a various beautiful scenes through the garden and other exotic landscapes. The incredible untouched sceneries the hotel offers is of wonderful experience customers might gain.

Taw Win Garden Hotel

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