5 Best Caves in Myanmar for Adventure Lovers

12 Jun 2019 by Admin

Amongst various tourist attractions, caves and caverns is the one that brings a great number of curious travelers to Myanmar. Speaking of caves and caverns, for those who want to discover their beauty and also learn about Buddhism, it is recommended that the following caves in Myanmar should not be missed out in their itinerary.

Pindaya Caves

About 75 kilometers from Inle Lake lies the mysterious caves of Pindaya. Located at the height of 1,200m above the sea level, Pindaya caves is a not - to - be - missed attraction in Taungyi for not only locals but also foreigners.

The cave complex is about 150 meters long containg thousands of Buddha stutues in different styles which are originated from different periods of Burma history. These statues are placed among shining ornament thrones in the cave, which create an awe-inspiring view of the cave interior.

In the cave, you can see every corner scattering with Buddha statues even up to the ceiling. Among these images are the small pagodas and stalagmites and stalactites as well. 

This cave system includes of three caves, but only the cave lying in the south can be accessed and explored. Therefore, the cave to be described here will be the southern one.

best caves in myanmar 1
800 hundred shining Buddhas in Pindaya caves

From the outer view, this cave looks like a Buddhist temple. Along the path leading to this cave, stand ranges of hundred-year-old Banyan trees shading over the way.

Po Win Daung Caves

Po Win Daung caves are said to possess the largest and most varied collection of Buddhist statues and wall paintings in South East Asia Region.

The cave system includes of more than 900 caves, and what special here is that those caves are entirely artificial.

best caves in myanmar 2
Po Win Daung is one of the most sacred caves in Myanmar

The interior of the cave is decorated with murals (wall paintings) and Buddha statues, which were created in the period between 14th and 18th century, creating a holy and sacred atmosphere inside.

Among the famous caves in Myanmar, this is definitely the right destination for Buddhist believers and those who want to learn about Buddhism.

Sadan Cave

If you travel to Hpa-An town, the capital of Karen State, don’t miss the chance to visit Sadan cave. This is one of the most gigantic caves in Myanmar with the size of a football stadium, and the site that you will encounter here will be totally breath - taking.

There is also a lake contained in the cave. Therefore, you can take a ferry sailed by local fishermeen to cross it. 

best caves in myanmar 3
Buddhist decoration inside the cave

Like many other famous caves in Myanmar, the entrance of Sadan cave features Buddhas statues and when going deeper, you can even see stupas inside the cave.

The environment inside the cave remains its primitive state. There is no lighting system equipped here, so adventurers can discover the cave with torches, which would bring about an amazing experience.

Kawgun Cave

Once you have explored the cave of Sadan, it is recommended that you visit Kawgun cave. Also located near the town of Hpa - An (about 13 km) Kawgun cave is one of the most appealing destinations in the region.

This cave was constructed in the 7th century as a holy and sacred site for Mons to come there to worship.

best caves in myanmar 4
Beautiful decoration inside the cave

Although its construction dated back to the ancient time, most of Buddhas statues in the cave are well - preserved with diverse ages, shapes and poses.

The thing about the cave which makes tourists amazed is the wall scuptures. There are many small Buddha statues incredibly delicated carved on the wall and all the way to the ceiling.

This cave is a great destination for those who want to study the history, culture, architecture and religion of Burmese people. Many photographers and artist also come here to seek inspiration for their artworks.

After visting this cave, you can consider this interesting list of things to do in Hpa - an.

Htam Sam Cave

For those who want to explore caves in Myanmar which are still in primitive state, Htam Sam Cave is on the list of recommendation. It is located in Taunggyi and  discovered just more than two decades ago and has yet been fully explored, the cave with its primitive beauty is the ideal place for those who want to be awed by the construction of nature.

The interior of the cave is filled with spectacular formations of stalactites and stalagmites falling from above and rising from the ground, which makes the cave look like a magical chamber created by unnatural forces.

best caves in myanmar 5
Spectacular formations of stalactites and stalagmites

In the middle of the cave is a Buddhist shrine for local people coming to worship. Inside the case, there are many tunnels leading away from the main cave which have yet been fully explored and their mysteries still stay hidden, awaiting adventurers to discover.

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