Best Cruises in Myanmar for Family with Kids

10 Jun 2019 by Admin


The cruises of Pandaw are suitable for families with infants. Together with Paukan in Myanmar, Pandaw currently is also a Myanmar river cruise line that welcome infants on their ships. Some recommended ships are RV Kalaw Pandaw, RV Orient Pandaw and My Andaman Explorer which are all equipped with modern amenities.

Cabins of all Pandaw ships are not large enough for arranging extra bed, but for family on cruises of Pandaw, children under 4 years old can stay in the same room with parents. Family with 4-year-old kids or over 4 years must stay in 2 cabins: 1 single cabin for 1 adult and 1 cabin for 1 adult with kid. The children staying in their parents’ cabin are charged 50% of adult price.


Irrawaddy Explorer or RV Paukan 2014 is the best ship of Paukan Cruise Line and flexible to arrange extra bed for children under 12 years old. For 12-year-old children and over, they are charged at adult price.

Children under 2 years old on cruises of Paukan are free charged and can stay together in parents’ cabin.


Unlike Pandaw and Paukan, The Strand Cruise welcomes children at least 6 years old. Children from 6 – 12 years old can stay in parents’ cabin and are charged 50% of adult price. Children over 12 years will have to stay in their own cabin and charged at adult price.

Currently, The Strand Cruise is highly recommended for family thanks to the high-quality features and the smart policy to avoid noise from infants of other groups.


Sanctuary Ananda Cruise is applied with the same policy like The Strand Cruise: only welcome children from 6 years old and children over 12 years are charged at adult price. This cruise ship offers 2 staterooms suitable for family: Luxury Suite and Owner Suite.

Luxury Suite: The sofa could be arranged to be turned into extra bed for children from 6 -12 years old. Maximum members allowed in this stateroom are 2 adults with 1 kid or 2 kids with 1 adult and the third person will be charged 75% at adult price.

Owner Suite: This stateroom is allowed maximum 3 adults or 2 adults with 2 children. Children are charged 50% at adult price.

In case your family has many members and doesn’t fit any above condition, you can consider the options of staying in connecting Deluxe Staterooms.

Anawrahta Cruise 

Anawrahta Cruise which was built in 2015 is also the ideal ship for family with kids. This cruise has reasonable policies for children coming along with their parents.

Only welcome children from 5 years old and children above 12 years old are charged with adult price.

Besides, a child between 5 from 12 years old can share bed with their parents per cabin and children whose age from 5 to 12 years old also has special rate applies.

Taking a cruise in Myanmar is one of the most interesting travelling experience which you cannot miss. If you need further information about cruising, don't hesitate to contact with our Luxury Myanmar River Cruise.

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