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Adding to get widespread known as a home of temples and pagodas in Myanmar for around ten centuries ago, Bagan is renounced for its tourism services, especially restaurants. If you are a hunter for best restaurants in Bagan, it is worthy to keep reading on this post.


If you are seeking for Western - style foods and drinks in Bagan during your stay here, Sanon is absolutely a must - come place. For coffee - oriented people, Sanon is possibly a great choice because they are supposed to be served the best and most rewarding cups of coffee which are complimented and favored by a large range of coffee drinkers.

best restaurants in bagan 1
Outside Sanon Restaurant in Bagan

Not only being impressed by its amazing coffee, various kinds of dishes in this lovely restaurant are also worth to try at least once. It is widely said that the foods themselves plus their spices and flavors are in great harmony all the time. Majority of customers coming here for a meal leave with their beautiful smiles of satisfaction and positive feedbacks.

Another noticeable point is that beside acting for profit purpose, Sanon restaurant is working for the humanitarian reason. To be more specific, the owner of this restaurant with his heart warming and open heart has offered an immensely fantastic job opportunity for local disabled youth.

Bibo Restaurant

Come to Bibo restaurant, tourists will completely satisfy with the pleasant atmosphere and delicious cuisines with friendly and professional staff. Especially, the restaurantalso has a happy hour program including cocktail serving such as a gin and basil concoction keeping tourists not forgetting and have to coming back to the restaurant again and again. Bibo restaurant has famous dish which tourists have to try, Bibo’s avocado salad.

best restaurants in bagan 2
Delicious avocado salad served at Bibo Restuarant

La Terrazza

La Terrazza which is located in Nyaung U is ideal place for tourists who want to enjoy Italian food after discovering Bagan’s gorgeous scenery the whole day. The restaurant is known as for delicious homemade pastas, wood oven pizzas and garden - fresh ingredients.

best restaurants in bagan 3
A dish of fresh Italian food at La Terrazza in Bagan

Come to the restaurant, tourists should order the pumpkin ravioli served with cream sauce or the baked eggplant dipping in tomato sauce with parmigiano - reggiano cheese. La Terrazza has professional staff with exellent service and the setting of the restaurant is the perfect combination of  traditional Myanmar and Italian twist.

Bagan Zay

Being humble to get located in a little hidden corner in a bustle city like Bagan, but Bagan ZAY is definitely an extremely fantastic place for customers to easily fall in love for a very first few seconds as getting inside this lovely zone. The atmosphere in this restaurant is enormously of extreme comfort and coziness with the music background which sounds soft and peaceful.

best restaurants in bagan 4
The delicious Burmese cuisine

Furthermore, Bagan ZAY is a perfect place where tourists can enjoy the interesting and skillful combination of Western and Myanmar cuisines in a favorable way. Whenever customers approach this restaurant at rush hours or normal time, they are always welcomed with sparkling smiles, immense hospitality along with great care.

As well-known as a quiet and peaceful place, Bagan ZAY is actually a hunting zone for people who wish to escape from business and concerns in their lives for some time to find their peace at heart and enjoy themselves with delicious and tasty dishes.

The Moon Vegetarian Restaurant

If you are a vegetarian, there is no way you will want to miss a completely fabulous restaurant serving mainly a wide array of vegetarian dishes. The brand name itself of this restaurant somehow refers customers to is primary mission which is to offering awesome dishes in a friendly way with the animal world.

The foods look fresh, clean and certainly very healthy. Be kind to animal The moon restaurant is run and operated by a handful of young people. Therefore, the services is undoubtedly of really quick performance and in a charming treatment. You might be suspicious about their little experience in preparing dishes before trying a meal, ironically, once you have tried their foods, you are going to get amazed and favored by their high-quality and wow-worthy dishes.

best restaurants in bagan 5

Vegetarian foods

In addition to the young staff’s enthusiasm, the restaurant is considered friendly - budget in a lot of travelers’ opinions. The meal appears to be large in proportion; as a result, even though customers are enjoying vegetarian dishes, they can get their stomach fulfilled in a rather understandable way.

A special point worth to note is that if you desire to know their recipes for their tasty vegetarian foods, you are strongly suggested to ask chiefs here in person without any worries or embarrassments. Because chiefs are so enthusiastic and kind that they are willing to share their know - how for people who wish to make good vegetarian cuisines. They do so with a view to hoping that there will be more and more true vegetarians so that animals are of freedom and enjoyment of a better life.

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