Suggestions of Best Restaurants in Inle Lake

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Inle Lake is no doubt Myanmar's best - known attraction with interesting places of interest and beautiful nature. After every explorations is time for relaxation and recharging your energy with delicious food. Check out the suggestions for the best restaurants in Inle Lake.

New Simple Life Restaurant

The brand name of the restaurants might refer customers to something creative and simple to some extent. Actually, New Simple Life is a lovely little zone with mainly simple equipment of chairs and tables, decorations and so on. Ironically, once you have experienced a meal here, you perhaps fall in love with this cozy and great restaurant immediately. In fact, a lot of customers give positive feedbacks and wish to come back here whenever they can.

Best Restaurants in Inle Lake 1
Comfortable space in New Simple Life Restaurant

The owner here is one of the reasons why travellers are so fond of this place. She is a talented and enthusiast chef, who turns simple ingredients in a delicious and creative dishes.

The foods are prepared in Western style and possibly make the visitors feel like enjoying the original meals in an Asian country. A long and fascinating list of menu including pizza, pasta, coffee, ice cream, soup and bread cooked in a very fresh and skillful way will absolutely reach customer’s satisfaction.

Y II K Restaurant

Y II K Restaurant will be a perfect choice for those hunting for enjoying themselves with a mix of Myanmar’s, Indian and Western cuisines in Inle Lake. This is a good chance for people to discover numerous tasty foods and drinks beside local dishes in small restaurant.

In addition, in this nicely and simply decorated restaurant, it is easy to seek for friendliness, comfort and intimacy. The staffs are so incredibly open and attentive to individual needs all the time that you definitely find it hard to criticize them.

Even though you go for a seat in such an incredibly enjoyable restaurant in peak hours or normal time for breakfast, lunch, dinner or solely a light meal, you are supposed to be served by extremely enthusiastic and considerate servants here with their readily sparking smiles on their face all the time.

Best Restaurants in Inle Lake 2
Cozy atmosphere in Y II K Restaurant

Another noticeable point is that Y II K restaurant is regarded as a friendly-budget restaurant by the majority of a wide range of customers coming from all corners of the world. The prices of all kinds of delicious and wow-worthy foods and beverages are of great reasonability in comparison with a large array of varied restaurants in Myanmar in general and in the near distance with Inle Lake in specific.

Eyeful Lake

The special feature creating the fame of the restaurant is that it is the floating restaurant which is close to the marketplace of Nampan village.

Best Restaurants in Inle Lake 3
The floating restaurant Eyeful Lake

It is really lucky if you are here during the market day. The market takes place at the pier not far away lasts 5 days once every 10 days. You will have a chance to watch busy transaction at the river and boat vendors selling their goods.

You will be warmly welcomed by the owner when a boat transfer you to the restaurant. The menu has wide range of cuisines and you should try fish dished because they catch them directly from the lake and steeam it with lemon juice. Soup is also tasty and spicy with local home-made ingredients.

The French Touch

This restaurant was founded by the experienced French photographer. He has great a passion for food and the beautiful things and people.. Come into this restaurant, you will be lured immediately by the fragrance of espresso.

The restaurant or a café whatever you call, opens from morning till night. The main color of the restaurant's setting is orange and white with French style.

Best Restaurants in Inle Lake 4
The outdoor area of The French Touch

Escpecially, The French Touch is famous for home-made lemon mayonnaise which goes well with many dishes such as burgers, pizzas and sandwiches. You cn eat them with a fresh avocado-and-onion salad accompanied with lemon juice and Shan rice crackers. During the meal, you will watch a documentary about the local lifestyles.

Café Kalaw

If you are a big fan of coffee, there is no point if you pass Café Kalaw over while travelling in Kalaw. Café Kalaw offers a handful of unexpectedly worth-to-taste cups of coffee, which are made by a friendly, excellent in English guy. This coffee shop can be seen as his business of huge love for café because every single cup of coffee is made of fresh ingredients he grows and cooks by himself. Whether you get a try for a cup of hot coffee or iced one, you perhaps stay in excitement, pleasance and delight.

Best Restaurants in Inle Lake 5
A beautiful corner with full of daylight

Adding to valuable cups of café, Café Kalaw provides customers with sandwiches, snacks, cakes and a lot more. It will be fantastic to have a life meal and get picturesque views of original, simple but untouched, exotic sceneries from Café Kalaw’s balcony. A small garden nearby of restaurant’s owner is the source of fresh vegetables and needed ingredients for the serving of immensely tasty and pleasurable foods and drinks.

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