Best Restaurants in Mandalay, Myanmar

10 Jun 2019 by Admin

Besides well known as the second largest city in Myanmar, Mandalay tourism is considered a worthy try with a wide range of restaurants travelers are suggested to go for as coming to this bustling city. Here are the best restaurants in Myanmar, which are evaluated by numerous visitors.

1. Bistro At 82nd

Since originally established by a small group of European guys, Bistro At 82nd is regarded as a small-sized corner of European cousins. In other words, the menu in this restaurant mainly consists of various European dishes. For those who are European-oriented food or seeking for an alternative for local foods in Myanmar, this restaurant is definitely a perfect choice.

Bistro At 82nd Restaurant in Mandalay, Myanmar

The restaurant follows the European designs and decorations. It can be clearly seen that Bistro At 82nd is serving high-end foods along with advance services. To be more specific, every single dish is prepared with great care, presented in a charming way as well as served in a very quick and profession way by servants here. It is hard to look for complaints or dissatisfactions from customers coming this amazing restaurant for a meal. Actually, Bistro At 82nd is a proper place for people hunting for a luxurious and elegant place in Mandalay and wishing to enjoy Western cousins while travelling to an Asian country.

2. NOVA Coffee

The brand name itself of the restaurant somehow refers customers to coffee service. In fact, this is an absolutely a great choice for coffee lovers as NOVA Coffee offers a large range of varied kinds of coffee. Adding to perfect cups of coffee, a wide array of foods and drinks originated from various countries such as Italia, Thailand, Vietnamese, Myanmar and so on and so forth are available here.

Pinapple dish at NOVA Coffee Restaurant

This restaurant is such a comfortable and enjoyable place that a lot of people go for NOVA Coffee restaurant as a place to kill their time. The restaurant brings customers the feelings of coziness, intimacy and friendliness. The services extremely come in handy since whenever you look at a waiter or waitress, he or she will immediately come to you without any needs of sayings or specific signs.

Furthermore, there is a special impression on the equipment in this lovely restaurant. The machines are modern and advanced in order to make sure that the services offered to customers coming to them in the best way. The cups using for tea or coffee are designed in a cool and interesting way because they look like light bubbles.

3. Mingalabar Myanmar Restaurant

If you are looking for trying a handful of Myanmar traditional dishes in a beautiful city as Mandalay, Mingalabar Myanmar Restaurant is possibly a must-try place as traveling to Mandalay. At this restaurant, you are supposed to have an awesome opportunity to gain further insights of Mandalay’s traditional cousins. In details, the excellent foods along with outstanding services certainly contribute to memorable and worthwhile experiences for tourisms in Myanmar. Majority of customers find it satisfactory and worthy to have a meal here.

Myanmar traditional food at Mingalabar Myanmar Restaurant

Even though you come to Mingalabar Myanmar Restaurant in rush hours or in normal time, the restaurant is always of great cleanliness and quick services. The servants in this restaurant are so friendly, open and considerate. People can feel free to ask them for consultants for what types of foods they want to try or for other helps such as transportation direction, suitable shopping malls and the like.

Another noticeable feature of Mingalabar Myanmar Restaurant is that a large number of foods and beverages offered here are impressively budget-friendly. To be more precise, travelers can try various sorts of dishes at high quality and great quantity at totally reasonable prices. Among a relatively costly and busy city as Mandalay, reaching such a nice place as Mingalabar Myanmar Restaurant is undoubtedly of a terrific experience for most of travelers.

Source: Myanmar River Cruises

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