Suggestion of 3 Best Restaurants in Yangon, Myanmar

10 Jun 2019 by Admin

Besides well known as one of the most busy, lively and beautiful cities in Myanmar, Yangon is also favored by a wide range of tourists thanks to a handful of intimate and elegant restaurants. The following is recommended best restaurants which visitors should try at least once as coming to Yangon.

1. Le Planteur

Located in front of a untouched and peaceful lake, Le Planteur is regarded as a great choice for people seeking for a quiet and comfortable atmosphere in a bustle city like Yangon. There is no doubt that customer possibly find peace from their heart whenever having a meal there because they experience their meal in a lovely garden with a view to a nice lake nearby. It could be extremely funny and interesting to having a rewarding meal while seeing a number of animals such as rabbits playing around the tables. For someone who is animal-oriented, Le Planteur is seen as a narrow-size, lovely zoo to fulfill their love for animals and nature.

Outdoor dining at Le Planteur Restaurant

Adding to the feeling of exposing closer to nature, most of customers consider Le Planteur a good place to enjoy delicious and tasty kinds of food as well as a long list of wine. For those preferring European food, they are strongly recommended to visit here during the travelling time in Yangon. The food is cooked with great care and artful decorations by talented and skillful chefs.

2.999 Shan Noodle House

If you are a noodle lover, there is no point that you visit Yangon without dropping in 999 Shan Noodle House. The brand name itself definitely refers its main sort of food, which is noodle. At this amazing restaurant, people can try various types of noodle including egg noodle, chicken noodle, and pork noodle and so on and so forth. This place is absolutely a paradise for noodle oriented customers to fulfill their satisfaction and love for noodle.

999 Shan Noodle looks luxurious from the outside

Furthermore, this restaurant is preferred by its good service. Whether you come here for breakfast, lunch or dinner in the peak hour or not, you perhaps have to wait long for your meal. It is hardly to see any complaints from customers for their dissatisfaction in services.

Another point that needs to be noticed is that 999 Shan Noodle House is evaluated as a really friendly-budget for customers. The prices any kinds of noodle or other food are so reasonable that several travelers are willing to take a long road to come here for a meal.

3.Feel Myanmar Food

Travelers are intensely suggested to try Feel Myanmar Food restaurant once in Yangon since this place is a perfect restaurant where people can truly try numerous varied sorts of Myanmar food inside or outside the restaurant. A greatly impressive feature in this restaurant is that Feel Myanmar Food follows the street style. In other words, customers can feel free to select what kind of dishes they love from the counter and self serve. It is like a cafeteria and sometimes people find it interesting to share a table with strangers.

Elegant Interiors at Feel Myanmar Food Restaurant

Moreover, Feel Myanmar Food is judged as an immensely good-price restaurant by a majority of travelers. In comparison with a ton of restaurant in Myanmar in general and in Yangon in specific, it is hard to find a strong competitor with Feel Myanmar Food in terms of expenses.

In addition, the restaurant is decorated in a simple and intimate way along with uncomplicated equipments namely small stools and little tables. As a consequence, Feel Myanmar Food restaurant maybe bring customers the feeling of friendliness, coziness and comfort compared with luxurious restaurants in Yangon. This nice restaurant is viewed as a wow-worthy place in bustling Yangon by hundreds of tourists.

Source: Myanmar River Cruises

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