Best Ships for Sailing on Chindwin River

19 Aug 2019 by Admin

That was in the past. Now, some ships are specially built to overcome this disadvantage. Luxury Myanmar River Cruises proudly presents the 4 best ships which are designed for sailing on Chindwin River.

Masein - one of the most wonderful highlights on Chindwin river bank

Anawrahta Cruise

This luxurious ship was built with the shallow draft of only 90cm which is suitable for cruising through the low water level of Chindwin. Moreover, with the powerful engine, the vessel easily sails into the inaccessible areas of many large ships without any difficulties. Tourists join in the voyage with us will experience the unique expeditions into the mysterious remote regions of Myanmar and also the lavish life onboard with spacious cabins, modern facilites and many more interesting activities.

Anawrahta Cruise

Sanctuary Ananda

This floating palace was designed with the shallow draft so it can be easily navigated through the low water level of Chindwin river. The ship has 3 decks with 21 well – equipped cabins providing the most comfortable and convenient for the passengers. Sanctuary Ananda offers the fascinating itineraries to the unspoiled northernmost areas of Burma with breath taking Buddhist constructions, secret towns and endless amazing riverscapes.

Sanctuary Ananda gently cruises along the Chinwind river

Kha Byoo Pandaw 

This luxury ship is specially designed with the ultra - shallow draft for cruising on the Chindwin river. The draft is only 79cm (2.6 feet) which is always ready to sail up into the remote areas of Burma in both high and low water season. The cruise has 10 cabins finished in brass and teak with basic conveniences which guarantees to bring the great relaxation for the passengers. The unique design of small but powerful Kha byoo pandaw can navigate even in the shallowest water of Chindwin taking the passengers to the true Myanmar adventures with a real insight into rural local life.

Kha Byoo Pandaw navigates through the magnificent landscapes of Chindwin

Paukan 2012

The shallow draft of 76cm (2.5ft) of the Paukan 2012 allows it to access the low level water of Chindwin river. Containing 18 elegant designed cabins with private bathroom, the ship gently sail up into the hard – to – reach areas of the Burma’s far north. Passengers will have a chance to admire the pristine landscapes with the outstanding mountain ranges and greenery forest as well as a closer look at the authentic local life.

Paukan 2012

Above are our suggestions for you if you have a plan to take a cruise in Myanmar. Wish you to have unforgettable journey with our Luxury Myanmar River Cruise.

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