Top Things to See and Do in Bagan

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Beside outstanding as the home of numerous religions, Bagan in Myanmar is also one of rewarding tourism destinations for tourists coming to Myanmar thanks to its magnificent architectures. There is no reason why travelers probably miss such a fantastic interest spot. The best things to see and do in Bagan, which are mentioned in this essay, are absolutely worthy to put on your notebook if you have an intention to drop in Bagan.

1. Ananda Temple

It is said that tourists never complete their trip to Bagan if they have not placed their feet into Ananda Temple. As well known as a typically beautiful temple in Bagan in specific and in Myanmar in general, Ananda Temple is of special impression on its extremely mysterious architectures such as the golden Buddha statues and white facade. This gorgeous site looks enormously stunning, especially at the sunset as taking photos at this time is of wonderful worth.

Ananda Temple

2. Shwesandaw Pagoda

If you are pursuing exotic works of art, Shwesandaw Pagoda is perhaps a must-visit place. In this unique pagoda in Bagan, which constitutes seven levels, you are offered an incredibly terrific opportunity to challenge yourself to reach the fifth level through steep stairs of steps in order for breath-taking views of temples in Bagan at sunset and flying balloons as well. There is a certainty of immensely cool experience as seeing the sun gradually going down in glistening lights at the top of the pagoda.

Shwesandaw Pagoda

3. Htilominlo Pahto

Noticeable by its amazing height of 46 meters, Htilominlo Pahto is regarded as a fabulous wonder of humankind. Because of its history related to umbrella story, Htilominlo Pahto is known as An Umbrella Temple. This is definitely an unmissable site for those seeking for discovering sophisticated artful structures and constructions in this favorable temple.

Htilominlo Pahto

4. Shwezigon Paya

As widespread famous for its architectures in which ancient and modern aspects get in fine hamornization, Shwezidon Paya is called as a legendary temple in Bagan. Surrounded by various temples and located nearby a river, Shwezigon Paya might be an awesome site of promising excitement and contentment for people of peace hunger at their heart and soul.

Shwezigon Paya

5. Sulamani Guphaya Temple

Despite the fact that Sulamani Guphaya Temple was constructed in the 12 AD century, it is really impressive to approach this architecturally stylish temple among a wide range of varied beautiful temples in Bagan. Not only looking picturesque from the outside, Sulamani Guphaya temple but also brings a handful of fantastic experiences of marvelous structures and ancient paintings inside as welling irresistibly poetic and romantic views at sun rise and sun set.

Sulamani Guphaya Temple

6. Dhammayangyi Temple

There is likelihood that travelers love to explore the hugest temple in Bagan, named Dhammayangyi Temple. Like a lot of attractive other temples, this is a highly recommended site for tourists. The temple is a must-see spot for its spectacular and magical features. The series of tragic stories about it along with its hidden treasures are the driving causes of great curiosity from a lot of people coming from all walks of lives.

Dhammayangyi Temple

7. Mount Popa

A satisfactory choice to escape from noise and congestion of a bustling city like Bagan is to get access to a countryside place as Mount Popa. Cool feelings and great comfort in an area far from the centre of Bagan are of reasons people should go for Mount Popa. For those whose are climbing lovers, they are strongly suggested to give it a try since they are supposed to step up 777 step stairs to reach the top of this temple. It seems to be a challenge but also a reward because this amazing site is of extremely wow-worthy. Moreover, tourists possibly find it surprising to see a lot of monkeys there.

Mount Popa

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