Best Time to Travel to Myanmar in the Year

07 Jun 2019 by Admin

Travel to Myanmar Is a Fascinating Option

Travel to Myanmar will be a fantastic chance for those who would like to explore a mysterious and unique country in Asia because this Budhhist nation has a special culture and an amazing nature calling up the tourists come and discover. This country has different charms in different times of the years allowing visitors travel to Myanmar all time during the year. However, there are some months are the bests for Myanmar River Cruise ensuring that travllers will have full of interesting things to do in the trip.

Best Time to Travel to Myanmar

Myanmar’s weather is divided into three main seasons: the hot season from March to May, the rain season from June to September and the cold season from October to February.

From March to May, the temperature increases heavily, sometimes up to 40 degrees Celsius in Yangon and even a bit higher in Mandalay and Bagan. However, the towns of Shan Plateau have more comfortable weather condition for travelling.

Southwest monsoon season begins from middle of May to middle of June. In this time of the year, rainfalls appear more frequently until October withn the peak from July to September, except Pyay - the arid land located in the center of Mandalay.

So, which months should you travel to Myanmar? The best recomended time to take the trip is the cold season from October to February, after the time that that rain season end and before the hot season begins. Although the temperature could be lower, its will be the most convenient time to travel to Myanmar. At this time the weather is cool and less rain than others. This is the high season for a travel to Myanmar, so visitors should make a reservation before starting the trip.

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