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Top 5 Mandalay to Bagan Cruises

Mandalay and Bagan are two of the most well-known destinations in Myanmar due to their seemingly endless pagodas and temples and other cultural sites. Travelling between ...

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The Irrawaddy Delta – Where Land and Sea Intermingle

Sailing downstream along the Irrawaddy River, we will approach the Irrawaddy Delta, one of the most beautiful and extraordinary places in Myanmar. Here are some interest ...

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A Visit to Dala Village – The Window Into Real Life of Burmese People

In contrary to the development of Yangon city, the life in Dala village is so lagged behind, but also more peaceful and tranquil. So if you haave chance to visit Myanmar, ...

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Chindwin River Cruise – The Route Through A Pristine Myanmar

With the length of 1200 km, the Chindwin River is one of the two major rivers in Myanmar whose image is covered in numerous Burmese stories and legends. Our Luxury Myanma ...

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Top 5 Unique Birds in Mergui Archipelago

Continue the previous part of exotic animal in Myeik, this article will introduce top 5 unique birds in Mergui Archipelago that would catch your eyes from the very first ...

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5 Unique Animals in Mergui Archipelago

Discovering wildlife is an exciting activity when cruising in Myanmar sea, here are the top 5 unique animals in Mergui Archipelago that you can encounter.

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The Moken – Who Can Swim before Learning How to Walk

The Moken is referred to as “sea gypsies”, a name that is used to call several Southeast Asian ethnic groups living by the sea.

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8 Reasons to Visit Mergui Archipelago

The Mergui Archipelago has hidden charms that make adventurous souls can’t help visiting after reading the following 8 reasons to visit Mergui Archipelago.

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6 Reasons to Experience Myanmar by Cruises

Most of the tourist agencies would recommend you to experience Myanmar by cruises because of the uniqueness that it brings about.

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