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Before planning your Myanmar river cruises, just take time check out our Myanmar cruise tips to know more about what to prepare or what you need to remember, learn about what you will have chance to experience in your trip as well as get useful advices which surely will be your best companion during your journey.


Tipping Guide for Cruise in Myanmar

Tipping is now a common custom in many countries in the world, not just the Western ones, especially in the field of tourism and services. However, the one thing all tourists should bear in mind is that there will be many differences in the etiquette of tipping in different parts of the world. For example, […]

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Mergui Archipelago Fees – What Are They?

To fully enjoy the experiences on a cruising trip, you should be well-prepared. In this article, we will inform you all kinds of Mergui Archipelago fees so that you can be financially confident during your cruise. In order to enter the water of Mergui Archipelago, where lies the very first Marine National Park in Myanmar […]

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Experience Photography and Classical Music Theme Voyages on The Strand Cruise

In order for the tourists to have a better experience and an insightful understanding of Myanmar and Burmese culture, recently, a series of theme voyages on the Strand Cruise has been organized, including fascinating activities held onboard or during excursions ashore with the participation of renowned professionals in the fields. The Photography and Classical Music […]

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10 Things to Remember Once Being on Yachts

For many tourists, traveling on yachts is a brand-new concept and they have literally no idea of the “do” and “don’t” when staying on a yacht. The following article, accompanied by creative illustrations by Kyaw Thu Yein – a famous cartoonist in Myanmar, will show you 10 things to remember once being on yachts to […]

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Tips for Sharing a Cabin in a Myanmar Cruise

In holidays and vacations, people often choose to take a cruise with their spouses and family member to have a memorable time together. Yet, there are also some people who want to cruise with their friends or colleagues to strengthen their relationships. However, some issues may arise when you share living space with people that […]

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What to Pack for a Cruise in Myanmar

For many people who have participated in a Myanmar River Cruise, sometimes they found themselves having fully packed suitcases but many items prove to be inappropriate for the trip while useful items are missed out on the packing list. The following article will help you answer the question of what to pack for a cruise […]

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5 Best Myanmar Luxury Ships with Pool

Traveling on cruises is one of the best ways to explore the mighty country of Myanmar. There are various types of cruise for you to choose depending on your demand and capacity. Still, traveling on the followings luxury ships with pool would bring you the greatest level of relaxation and satisfaction. 1. Anawrahta Cruise This […]

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5 Things to Remember When Taking a Myanmar Cruising Trip

With long rivers running north-south, the waterway has always been a convenient mode of transportation in Myanmar for centuries. In recent years, along with the bloom of tourism, such rivers as Irrawaddy and Chindwin have been exploited as places to operate cruising trips. Below are things that tourists should bear in mind when being in […]

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6 Reasons to Experience Myanmar by Cruises

If you are planning for a leisure trip in this summer, then Myanmar is one of the best options for you. Recently, this Buddhist country has been on the list of most attracting tourist destinations. Among the features contributing to the recent development of this country tourism, traveling on a cruise along rivers might be […]

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Best Time for Cruises in Irrawaddy River, Myanmar

For those who want to experience their leisure time along Irrawaddy River, a luxury cruise should be the best choice for you. The ideal time for organizing cruises in Irrawaddy River should be during the dry and cool season which falls between November and February. This is the most favorable time of the year for tourism activities. […]

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Top 4 Best Cruises in Myanmar for Family with Kids

Your family has a holiday together and decides to choose a good cruise for a memorable trip? Here we are happy to suggest you some best cruise for famiy with kids and hopefully you will find the best choice from our suggestion. Top 4 Best Cruises in Myanmar for Family with Kids 1. Pandaw Cruises The cruises […]

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