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Myanmar Travel Tips – A – Z Handbook

Myanmar is blessed with the beautiful nature of the sublime mountain ranges and pristine beaches. This is also an ideal place for the religious spirits with thousands of outstanding red brick temples, pagodas and monasteries rising across the country. After decades of political conflicts, Myanmar is more open for travelling now, visitors are always welcomed […]

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Best Time to Visit Myanmar

Mother Nature offered Myanmar a special privilege to become a jealously pretty country. Not with standing its inherently charming beauty, visitors perhaps supremely enjoy themselves as coming here during the best time between November and February when the climate is extremely pleasant and supportive for perfect traveling. In November, following rainy season, creatures as well […]

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What to Buy in Myanmar?

Whenever putting your feet on a new corner of the world purposely or unintentionally, it is common sense that you desire to hold something there as a memory for later recall. Therefore, there is no way as coming to a lovely and affable area like Myanmar; you can resist the temptation to overcome such unique […]

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9 Reasons Why Travel to Myanmar Should Be Your Next Trip

Glorified as the country of the ancientness, Myanmar attracts tourist thanks to not only the primitive destinations but also the nice people. Just take time finding out some reason why travel to Myanmar should be listed in your next travel plan.

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Do and Don’t in Myanmar – Useful Tips

Myanmar is a characteristic Asian country with long lasting history and unique culture. Whether you planning your shore excursions or cruise journey in the country, or any tour packages in Myanmar, there are something you should do and don’t in Myanmar to have a perfect travel. Do and don’t in Myanmar – Dos: + Pay […]

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Myanmar eVisa and Neccessary Information

It is required to get a visa if you want to come to Myanmar for traveling or businesses. Now, before travelling to Myanmar, tourists and business travelers are eligible to apply for a Myanmar e-Visa online instead of a traditional one.

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Useful Experiences for Myanmar Money Exchange

Myanmar is a sacred and mysterious land of Southeast Asia. It has been forgotten on the world’s tourist map for a long time. However in recent years this country has changed spectacularly. One of the most concerned questions is how to do Myanmar money exchange.

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