Onboard Guide

The 5 Costs Not Included in Myanmar Cruise Price

Burma River Cruises offer upscale voyages with opulent facilities and numerous interesting activities onboard in order to give each and every passenger a perfect vacation on the way to explore the gol ...

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What Kind of Food Served Onboard?

Food plays an important parts of every culture which means each time you travel to a different country, you will have a chance to experience that special aspect. In order to give the passengers a real ...

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Onboard guide: How to Wear a Longyi

One of the things creating uniqueness in Myanmar's culture and custom is their tradition clothes, Longyi. This article below will introduce you about their longyi and to to wear it.

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Tipping Guide for Cruise in Myanmar

Tipping is now a common custom in many countries in the world, not just the Western ones, especially in the field of tourism and services. However, the one thing all tourists should bear in mind is th ...

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