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Onboard guide: How to Wear a Longyi

Myanmar gains its popularity for not only the magnificent Buddhist constructions spreading across the country but also the unique culture. When in Burma, you can easily recognize a certain type of garment worn by both men and women, old and young in every corner of this country. That’s Longyi. So what is the special about […]

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Tipping Guide for Cruise in Myanmar

Tipping is now a common custom in many countries in the world, not just the Western ones, especially in the field of tourism and services. However, the one thing all tourists should bear in mind is that there will be many differences in the etiquette of tipping in different parts of the world. For example, […]

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10 Things to Remember Once Being on Yachts

For many tourists, traveling on yachts is a brand-new concept and they have literally no idea of the “do” and “don’t” when staying on a yacht. The following article, accompanied by creative illustrations by Kyaw Thu Yein – a famous cartoonist in Myanmar, will show you 10 things to remember once being on yachts to […]

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Tips for Sharing a Cabin in a Myanmar Cruise

In holidays and vacations, people often choose to take a cruise with their spouses and family member to have a memorable time together. Yet, there are also some people who want to cruise with their friends or colleagues to strengthen their relationships. However, some issues may arise when you share living space with people that […]

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