Places to Visit in Myanmar

The Irrawaddy Delta – Where Land and Sea Intermingle

Sailing downstream along the Irrawaddy River, we will approach the Irrawaddy Delta, one of the most beautiful and extraordinary places in Myanmar. Here are some interesting information about this bea ...

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Lampi Island Marine National Park – The Green Treasure in Andaman Sea

Lampi Island Marine National Park, comprised of a group of islands in the southern part of the Mergui Archipelago, is a green treasure in Andaman Sea. Let's find out this stunning island with our Luxu ...

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Monywa Town – Where Hustling Life Harmonizes with Buddhism

Despite being little known by foreign tourists, Monywa town is home to appealing sites that should not be missed on your trip to Mandalay Division. Let's find out this beautiful town with our Luxury ...

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Ananda Temple – The Symbol of Old Bagan

Among the four main temples in Bagan that still exist until the present day, Ananda Temple can be regarded as one of the greatest works of Mon architecture. If you pay a visit to Bagan, do not miss th ...

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Nyaung U Market - The Bustling Breath of Bagan

Nyaung U (or Nyaung Oo) market is a local market in the village of Nyaung U which is settled in the northeastern area of Bagan. Besides majestic temples and pagodas such as Htilominlo Temple and Shwez ...

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Bagaya Monastery – A Wonder of Inwa Architecture

Among the surviving relics of Ava city, the Bagaya Monastery is a site that should not be missed out in your itinerary exploring this ancient place. Here are some interesting information for tourists ...

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