Tips Before Cruise

What to Pack for a Cruise in Myanmar

For many people who have taken a Myanmar River Cruise, sometimes they found themselves having fully packed suitcases but many items prove to be inappropriate for the trip while useful items are missed ...

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Kanbawzathadi Palace – Remnant of An Immortal Empire

Located in Bago, Myanma, Kanbawzathadi Palace is the reflection of one of the most glorious dynasties in the history of Myanmar. This article below will provide you with more information about this ma ...

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Best Time for Cruises in Irrawaddy River

Weather plays an important part in having a perfect holiday. Therefore, if you are planning to take a cruise in irrawaddy river of Myanmar, you should check its weather careful because every country h ...

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Some Simple Sentences in Burmese Language

Myanmar is an attractive destination for international travelers since the land still maintains its traditional beauty and unique culture dating back from thousands of years ago. And if you know simpl ...

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