Chaung Tha Beach – An Extraordinary Burmese Experience

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A Quick Glimpse over Chaung Tha Beach

Located in Irrawaddy Region, Chaung Tha Beach is a popular beach among the citizens of Yangon. Millions of visitors are drawn here every year, especially from October to April. The name Chaung Tha means “Pleasant Stream” in Burmese language and is taken after the name of a stream flowing through the west of a coastal village.

Unlike the tranquil and luxurious beaches of Ngwe Saung and Ngapali where foreign tourists seek relaxation and amenity, the crowded and common beach of Chaung Tha is the place for those who want to enjoy a ‘Burmese experience” and have the opportunity to intermingle with the local people and learn about their traditional culture.

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Chaung Tha Is The Ideal Beach For People Seeking Fun And Entertainment

There are not many foreign visitors in Chaung Tha Beach, most of the people that you encounter on the beach are Myanmar people. This is due to the fact that tourists often choose a resort in the nearby Ngwe Saung Beach to relax on their holiday rather than walking on a crowded beach. For many young people from Yangon seeking fun and game, Chaung Tha Beach is the place of choice. Many families also choose to come here to entertain their children.

Accommodation for Your Trip to Chaung Tha Beach

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There is a significant variation in term of accommodation in Chaung Tha Beach, ranging from antiquated and creaky to modern and lavish. Most of the beach hotels built in the past are single - storey bungalows looking over the beach with adjacent or nearby parking lots which are particularly suitable for people arriving there by private or hired cars. This kind of hotel complex often stretches several hundred meters along the beach.

The two representative hotels to be mentioned are Lai Lai Hotel and Golden Beach Resort. If you want to enjoy your holiday in modern and lavish style, then there are two nominations for you, Belle Resort Chaung Tha and Max Hotel which are both low-rise and blend harmoniously into the surroundings.

What to Do in Chaung Tha Beach

Entertaining on the beach

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Chuang Tha Beach can be considered a typical “Asian beach” where people come to seek the fun, eating, drinking and entertainment. The beach is always filled with family entertaining activities and laughter. The combination of music and noises doesn’t make anyone annoyed but even improve the mood of people and free them from the pressure of work.

You can try a ride on bicycles or occasional horses roaming on the beach. When you want to escape from the hustle on the beach, you can find a quite space in front of the resorts. There, sun loungers and umbrella are arranged to serve the guests in search of peace and relaxation.


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Many vendors along Chaung Tha Beach offer rent services for snorkeling equipment such as fins, masks, and snorkels. Although the water is not in deep blue like in Ngwe Saung, there are still rock formations and coral reefs near the beach that are worthy of snorkeling around. You can take a boat tour to travel to the nearby islands. These are ideal places to discover the underwater world.


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Want to try fishing on the sea? You can join fishing trips operated for groups and individuals available on Chaung Tha Beach. Most fishing trips depart in the early morning (around 8 a.m or earlier) and often return to the beach afternoon.

How to get to Chaung Tha Beach

You can travel there by bus from Yangon. The buses often leave at 6 a.m and travel through 260 kilometers in 6 hours to reach Chaung Tha. Some taxi drivers in Yangon are willing to take you to Chaung Tha Beach, but the charge is likely to be very high as few drivers can find passengers on the way return to Yangon.

Some driver might agree to stay in Chaung Tha for several days and provide return transportation. You can also travel to Chaung Tha by airplane from Yangon International Airport. Be sure to check for the most suitable flight time at the best price on the Internet.

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