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RV Makara Queen


During the cruise on RV Makara Queen, visitors will be given a great chance to discover the origins of Myanmar culture and its charming traditions. Along the way of cruising, you will enjoy beautiful local scenery such as dense jungle-clad riverbanks, grand gorges and vast rice paddies, and get a sight of traditional rural life as well as the occasional glimpse of a saffron-clad monk.


RV Paukan 2015


Launched in 2015, the lovely RV Paukan 2015 is a charming floating hotel on the river which is the latest addition to Ayravata Cruises. This member of Paukan Cruises is one of the smallest cruisers on the Irrawaddy River designed to discover hard-to-reach destinations in this area, bring passengers authentic experiences in their Myanmar River cruise.


RV Andaman Explorer


My Andaman Explorer is a Pandaw River Cruises ship built in 1963 designed to deploy on the coasts of Southeast Asia. The ship has the length of 61 meters and has a hull built to “ice class” with extra thick plates. It is ornamented and refurnished in Pandaw’s style. With a great power to resist storms, the ship is totally safe and handy when cruising in tropical waters...


RV Kindat Pandaw


The RV Kindat Pandaw is the sister ship of RV Kalaw Pandaw and both boats are nearly identical. Although built in traditional Pandaw River Cruises style with teak and brass and has an aura of colonial luxury, the ship is still one of the newest and most modern ships sailing along the Irrawaddy River. Thus, RV Kindat Pandaw is truly a superb option for those...


Belmond Road to Mandalay


Discover the enchanting beauties, scents and sounds of the Irrawaddy River with 3 to 11 nights cruises aboard the Belmond Road to Mandalay. This Belmond Cruises ship incorporates elegant Burmese materials and unique styles with high standards in decor and modern comfort...


Sanctuary Ananda


The all-suite Sanctuary Ananda is sail in 2016 under the control of Sanctuary Retreats Myanmar, which is a travel and tourism enterprise. Named after the beautiful Ananda Temple in Bagan, Ananda also means “extreme happiness” in Burmese language, which is one of the highest states of being. The vessel is truly a beautiful floating hotel on the poetic Irrawaddy River...


The Strand Cruise


The Strand Cruise is a lavish vessel offering one of the greatest Myanmar River cruises on the majestic Irrawaddy River with stunning views of many Myanmar heritages. Launched in the late of 2014 on the occasions of Christmas and New Year 2016, this cruise line was designed to reach two of the most important tourist attractions of Myanmar are Bagan and Mandalay...


Irrawaddy Explorer


Explore the mystical treasures of Myanmar onboard the luxury Irrawaddy Explorer, the elegant boutique with different name but belongs to Paukan Cruises Group featuring 28 spacious outside cabins will give you a fascinating view on the beauties of the Irrawaddy River.


Irrawaddy Princess II


Irrawaddy Princess II is a traditional Irrawaddy Cruises vessel running along the mysterious Irrawaddy River. Built in 1998 and measure 134′ x 34′ x 6’6” molded depth with three decks, the ship is really a lavish Irrawaddy Cruises hotel floating on the Burma’s river. Board the Irrawaddy Princess on any of her weekly adventure in two famous attractions in Myanmar...


RV Paukan 2012


The RV Paukan 2012, launched in September of 2012, is one of the latest Paukan Cruises' ships running on Irrawaddy River. This lovely colonial style was born in the famous Ahlone Ship Yards situated on the bank of Yangon River. The lovely RV Paukan 2012 is really a gem of cruisers like a 5-star hotel floating on the river, beautifully furnished with a unique combination of modern...


RV Paukan 2007


This ship of Paukan Cruises was built in 2007, at the Myanmar Shipyards in Yangon for Ayravata Cruises, and is a sister ship to another Paukan Cruises ship which was built in 1947. However, RV Paukan 2007 is a bigger vessel at 183 feet (55.78m) in length. Its beam is 38 feet (11.58m) and the draft is 3.09 feet (1.14m). This ship runs on diesel engines, with a speed of 10 knots...


RV Paukan 1947


The beautiful, colonial-style RV Paukan 1947 cruiser was hand-built to a very exacting standard. Launched in 1947 (as in the name of the ship), this member of Paukan Cruises vessel is perfectly in keeping with the Irrawaddy River’s Colonial heritage but still luxurious and comfortable.


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