RV Katha Pandaw

Launched: 2011   |   Length: 40m (131ft)   |   Crew Members: 18   |   Staterooms: 16

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Main Deck

No of Cabins: 10   |   Area: 16M2   |   Bed: Double/Twins   |   Location: Main Deck

The RV Katha Pandaw cabins are the most celebrated feature of the Irrawaddy Flotilla Company. Finished in brass and teak, the main deck staterooms are spacious. 

Features +
  • Air-conditioner
  • Mini-safe
  • Luggage storage
  • Wardrobe
  • Writing desk
  • Hair dryer
  • Kimono and slippers.
  • Mini DVD Player
  • Premium mattrasses
  • Welcome flower
  • Welcome gifts

Upper Deck

No of Cabins: 06   |   Area: 16M2   |   Bed: Double/Twins   |   Location: Upper Deck

The RV KathaPandaw cabins are the most celebrated feature of the Irrawaddy Flotilla Company. Finished in brass and teak, the main deck staterooms are spacious.

Features +
  • Air-conditioner
  • Mini-safe
  • Luggage storage
  • Wardrobe
  • Writing desk
  • Hair dryer
  • Kimono and slippers.
  • Mini DVD Player
  • Premium mattrasses
  • Welcome flower
  • Welcome gifts


rv katha panndaw deck plan

Joining a cruise on Pandaw, you will not only have private space in your comfortable cabin, your journey is also filled with a lot of outdoor experience. There are many vantage points on board allows you to get a panoramic views of the river and observe the world go by such as the promenade decks, observation deck or sitting places outside. The special thing of this ship is that you could open window (except port holes on the lower deck) to enjoy spectacular views while the ship sail forward.

rv katha pandaw 6


  • Category: Deluxe
  • Capacities: 32

The restaurant offers a great choice of local cuisine and exotic foods. They source supplies as locally as possible, given environmental health regulations. Breakfast and lunch are buffets, and dinner is served at the tables. Passengers who do not like hot or spicy foods are offered European alternatives and vegetarians are well catered for.

rv katha pandaw 10


Rv Katha Pandaw features a bar on the upper deck with many kinds of drinks from premium wines to cocktails and fresh fruit juices.

rv katha pandaw 1


Excursion ashore is an indispensible part of any Pandaw river cruise. This maybe the most interesting part in your journey on Pandaw because there are varied activities for passengers to take part in. It could be a leisurely cycling tour through beautiful villages and countryside or other more adventurous exploration with speed boat or horse drawn cart.


The RV Katha Pandaw was constructed in 2011/2012 following the traditional colonial style. She is the newest and most modern Pandaw River Cruises ship sailing along the Irrawaddy. With only 16 cabins and 32 passengers over two decks, this boutique cruise ship is one of the smallest ones, enables it to cruise the mighty Irrawaddy and hard-to-reach regions of the Chindwin River.

Before the current RV Katha Pandaw built in Vietnam in 2012, there are two Katha ships running on the Irrawaddy. The first was built at Dalla in 1887 but lost on the Chindwin in 1889, and the other was designed by Denny of Dumbarton in 1904 and decommissioned in 1937.


RV Katha Pandaw ship was run a year on Mekong River before sending to Myanmar. Her identical cabins are a spacious 170 square feet, all outward facing, with a large picture window, a full bathroom with separate shower stall and amenities including toileties slippers and bathing. In addition, the public areas of RV Katha Pandaw also feature a sitting restaurant with panoramic views, a mini bar, a guest relation desk, shops, supporting fair trade, and a library with contemporary and classic literature. The ship is fully air conditioned and non - smoking throughout she launched on her maiden voyage summer of 2012.

The RV Katha Pandaw fare boasts almost services on the ship including meals, normal drinks, shore excursions and tips for staff. Furthermore, there are also some complimentary services onboard and in shore excursions to help tourists having astonishing adventures.

Book a RV Katha Pandaw Cruise and self – enjoy these brilliant experiences in a Myanmar River Cruise.


1. Alteration of Schedule and Cruise Itinerary

In spite of the fact that we will do our best to assure that the announced itinerary is followed at the strictest possible level, occasionally, we might have to alter or delay the schedules and itineraries in the last minute due to the uncertainty of local weather and river conditions.

2. Change Point of Embarkation and Disembarkation

If the cruise encounters difficulty in embarking and disembarking passengers at the scheduled points, RV Katha Pandaw will bear no extra cost of transporting to and from the embarking and disembarking place except for the case that the passengers or their agents have purchased a package tour including our land services. Any reason for altering the place of embarkation and disembarkation will not be considered a reason for terminating this contract. 

3. Fuel Surcharge

The fuel costs, which have been calculated basing on the average market price, are included in the announced ticket price. If the fuel price increases by more than 10%, the company will have the right to collect charge for fuel supplement equal to the amount by which the fuel price exceeds the price stated in the contract.

4. Deposit

If you book more than 65 days in advance of the departure date, you are required to make a 30% non-refundable deposit at the booking time. The remaining amount must be paid at least 65 prior to the departure.

If you book less than 65 days in advance of the departure date, you are required to make full payment of the fare within 48 hours.

*You may be required to make higher non-refundable deposits for certain special offers. Advice for these offers will be shown to you at the time of booking.

5. Cancellation by Us

Under the circumstance that a cruise cannot be operated for passengers with confirmed bookings or departures because the number of occupied cabins is less than 5, RV Katha Pandaw has the rights to call off the cruise. We will notify all passengers with confirmed booking about the cancellation 30 days in advance. A substitute cruise ship (with parallel itinerary and ship type) or an alternative departure date will be proposed depending on its availability.

RV Katha Pandaw will bear or compensate any extra or difference in cruise prices. If the passengers do not agree with the alternative ship or departure, we will make full refund of the deposit amounts upon the demand of the passengers. If RV Katha Pandaw makes cancellation of a cruise after a passenger has cancelled their bookings and paid cancellation charges (and deposit), we will make full refund upon the passenger’s request.

6. Cancellation by Customer

  • If you intend canceling your booking, you must notify us via email or fax. The applicable policy for cancellation charge will be as follows:
  • If you cancel 65 days or more prior to the departure, you will be charged 30% of the total price.
  • If you cancel 64 days or less prior to the departure, or don’t show up, you will be charged 100% of the total price.

 * When calculating the refund for your cancellation, we will deduct the wire fees and credit card commissions.

7. Children Price & Extra Bed

Children under the age of 4 may share cabin with their parent(s) without extra charge. However, RV Katha Pandaw cannot ensure the availability of cots. Children over the age of 4 up to 18 get:

  • 50% reduction from adult price for 1 adult and 1 child staying in 1 cabin
  • 50% reduction for the child for 2 adults and 1 child staying in 2 cabins (1 cabin has no single supplement)
  • 50% reduction for the children for 2 adults and 2 children staying in 2 cabins.
  • For larger family groups, the price would be calculated upon request.

8. Insurance

We highly recommend that travelers have their trip cancellation covered. In this case, travelers will be repaid the cost of air ticket and other non-refundable payments for the trip. We also advise the guests to purchase insurance for medical matters, luggage loss and delay of the trip in case of unfavorable situations. RV Katha Pandaw will not be liable for the loss of personal belongings.

9. Dietary Needs

If the guests have exceptional dietary needs, they should contact with us 30 days in advance of the departure. The cruise crew will exert all possible efforts to satisfy the exceptional dietary needs and demands depending on the availability of the goods.

10. Travelers’ Responsibilities

All the guests stepping on board should be responsible towards their co-travelers and the cruise crew. The guests are advised to analyze the conditions of the trip itinerary and have appropriate social conduct towards their co-travelers and crew members. They should thoroughly check all the safety requirements on board and during the trips.


Fantastic River Cruise from a Bagan to Mandalay

Sep 2017

The trip was fantastic. The crew were so charming and attentive. The accommodation was spacious and comfortable. The food was excellent and the tour guide and the excursions we made were interesting and informative. A wonderful experience.

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Outstanding experience ticked all our boxes.

Oct 2018

 For us this cruise was perfect. We travel for interesting destinations and appreciate well informed guides. We like to try new foods (from “safe” kitchens) and appreciate clean comfortable cabins with ensuite bathrooms. We want to get out, meet the people and learn about the country. Pandaw worked for us. Images of the river, pagodas in the mist and the smiles of the people are imprinted till Alzheimer’s messes with our brains

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