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Certainly when mentioning to Myanmar everyone will think of Yangon which is known for its famous golden temple or Bagan- the ancient city of Myanmar. However, people have not many ideas about tourist attractions in Mandalay which is a taciturn former capital of Myanmar with no less interesting and unexpected things for you to discover.

Travelling to the ancient capital of Mandalay, the first thing you will feel is that it is a peaceful city with the cultural characteristics of Myanmar. More surprising, when going to this ancient capital you will encounter the stronghold of the last feudal dynasty in Myanmar. With its ancientness, it appears majestically beside a blue water river covering the city.

The walls are built with a unique and sophisticated architecture and reflected its shadow on quiet water. Perhaps, this scene will leaves you the same atmosphere in the ancient capital of Hue in Vietnam. You'll find many interesting and unique attractions in Mandalay to explore. In addition, Burmese people are very open-minded and friendly with tourists.


When reaching Mandalay Hill, you will come across many magnificent temples with giant Buddha statues built on hillsides. On the hilltop of Mandalay, there is a unique temple with mirror brick system paved on the wall reflecting light, which makes the temple sparkling and brilliant yellow admist the mountain whenever the sun shines. It is Sutaungpyi temple. Like other sacred places in Myanmar when visiting the temple, tourists have to dress properly and walk barefoot to the temple inspite of hot or cold weather. From Sutaungpyi temple visitors can observe all directions and watch the ancient city.

After leaving Sutaungpyi, tourists will reach Mahamuni pagoda featuring a statue wearing an impressive robe and hat with gold leaf layers on the body which was pasted up by Buddhists over centuries. The Mahamuni statue is preserved in a small chamber topped with a seven tiered Pyatthat Burmese style roof.

One thing special about this pagoda is to show respect to the Buddha statue, male will stick gold leaf around the image that is why the Buddha statue is covered with a thick layer of gold leaf.

Especially, you will have the opportunity to participate in a special ceremony of Buddha face washing. The ceremony took place at 4 am in the extremely sacred and solemn atmosphere. The men will stand up front and the women will stand behind a rope. With the assistance of local people, the Mahamuni temple's monk will wash the statue's face and brush his teeth.

The temple is opened daily from 6 AM to 8 PM and it can be crowded in February which is The Mahamuni temple festival is held because there will be the number of devotees come and pay their respect to the Buddha statue.

Entrance fee of the temple is US $4 per person.

Leaving the city and cruising towards the outskirt of Mandalay, you will have an opportunity to admire the sunset on U Bein Bridge which is the longest bridge in the world. This bridge is the symbol of the connection. It looks simple but very ancient and enduring. The bridge is made of teak without using any nails. When the sun is going down in the afternoon, the sunlight dyes the lake surface with a bright yellow, and golden temple roofs gradually hide in the mist. At that time, U Bein Bridge looks amazing and beautiful. 

Visiting U Bein Bridge, tourists can go on the bridge or also watch the bridge from the lake. There is a pier with hundreds of boats to serve tourists here. These boats are very nice and the boatmen here are friendly. Sitting on boats and sightseeing will also be great experiences in your trip.  You can sail boat across the bridge, and then stop at the distance on the lake, wait for sunset on U Bein. In addition, you can spend time exploring nearby temples and villages like Kyuaktawgyi pagoda and Taunthaman village.

You will have a chance to see the beautiful sunset and it will be an unforgettable memory in your Myanmar river cruise & holiday packages to Myanmar.

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