Diving in Mergui Archipelago – Explore the Mysterious Underwater World

14 Jun 2019 by Admin

Just like the world above the waves of the Andaman Sea, the underwater world of the Mergui Archipelago is still shrouded in thick mist awaiting adventurous souls to explore. The rocks and mountain ranges under the sea make the Mergui Archipelago an appealing diving frontier.

Unfortunately, the potential of dive sites in the Mergui Archipelago has yet been fully exploited. There are just some dive companies offering diving trips in these waters. Though not many divers have had the chance of diving in Mergui Archipelago, the lucky ones would never forget this experience.

The Colorful Underwater World of Mergui Archipelago

Dives sites can easily be found throughout the archipelago, near the islands. However, the greatest dive sites to explore concentrate on the western part of the archipelago. Some famous and wonderful diving sites to be mentioned are Shark Cave, Black Rock, High Rock, Fan Forest Pinnacle, Eagles Nest Western Rocky and Twin Cheeks.

The topography of the underworld here varies greatly, ranging from rocky pinnacles to hard coral garden, from boulders to reefs. The underwater visibility is from 10 to 40 meters, depending on the transparency of the water.

Many Kinds of Shark Can Be Encountered

By taking a diving trip in the Mergui Archipelago, tourists will have the opportunity to observe the marine wildlife there with an unparalleled biodiversity. Many rare and indigenous species can be encountered here. Among activities in a diving trip, shark - seeing is the one that attracts many adventurous souls who want to come into contact with this dangerous animal.

Tourists can experience heart-pounding moments at the passing of huge sharks like whale sharks, bowmouth guitar sharks, leopard sharks, grey reef sharks, tawny nurse sharks, white-tip reef sharks, silver-tip sharks and black-tip reef sharks.

The attention of divers is also drawn to majestic pelagic creatures such as manta rays, blotched fantail rays, Kuhl’s stingrays, mangrove whiprays, Eagle rays and Porcupine rays.

Dive With The Fishes

Besides big fish, smaller marine creatures are increasingly catching the eyes of divers and make them realize that the underworld of Mergui Archipelago offers more than what they used to think. Occupying the sea floor are crabs, lobsters and shrimps of various sizes, shapes and colors while octopus, cuttlefish, frogfish and ghost pipefish are the hosts of the Mergui waters.

Explore the Coral Reefs

The diving season in Myanmar falls between the months of October and May. From December to April, tourists can enjoy the ideal diving conditions in the Mergui Archipelago when the sea is calm, the sky is clear and even the most far-off diving spots are accessible.

Exotic Creatures on the Sea Floor

If you want to take a diving trip in the Mergui Archipelago, you can book a Myanmar Yacht Charter like the SY Raja Laut. This charter is equipped with diving equipment to serve tourists and there is also a dive expert on board who is willing to guide and accompany the guests in their journey into the underwater world.

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