Fascinating Local Experiences When Travelling to Myanmar

10 Jun 2019 by Admin

With more than 100 different languages and culture, Myanmar is a quite impressive country in the eyes of travelers. Travelling to Myanmar, you will have chance to explore the local life of the natives with unexpected experiences.

Top local experience when travelling to Myanmar

  • Try on traditional costume

In the first Myanmar travel, you should visit local market or take a walk to the city center to visit shops selling traditional costumes (known as longyi – for male or tamain for female). There are a lot of designs and colors for you to choose from. When wearing longyi or tamain, you just need to wrap the cloth into several rounds around your hip. Myanmar people wear this costume daily.

  • Apply thanaka to feel the local beauty

Thanaka is a traditional type of powder in Myanmar with natural sweet aroma. It is used to make skin cool and protect from sunlight.

This powder is made from the flour of Thanaka tree grown across the country.

  • Chat with the locals at a tea shop

Strolling around streets of Myanmar, you surely encounter tea shops along roadside which are crowded in the afternoon. There are some kinds of milk tea with sweet, bitter flavor or mixed tea served with steamed dumplings and parata cake.

  • Chew betel nuts

Chewing betel nuts is a tradition of Burmese people. It is not hard to encounter a stall or a trolley selling or making packages of betel (known as paan in Myanmar). Paan is quite similar to betel in Vietnam. The betel leave is spread slaked lime on it and then wrapped around areca nut and other materials depending on the interest of each individual.

Do not miss the chance to try to chew betel when travelling to Myanmar. The special taste of betel with red water taking out when chewing will leave an unforgettable impression in your journey.

  • Enjoy sugarcane juice

Sugarcane juice is a perfect choice if you want to experience something local and delicious during your trip to Myanmar. In some parts of the country, sugarcane are grown everywhere so it is not hard to find a place selling sugarcane. You will see the juice made in front of your eyes and it’s a super cheap way to refresh yourself.

  • Enjoy meal at a local restaurant

If you are travelling to Myanmar, do not forget to enjoy meal at a local restaurant. Don’t think that the food in famous restaurants is the best. If you explore further, you can absolutely find some local restaurants with great food. This is truly an interesting experience you should not miss in this wonderful country.

Do not miss these amazing experiences when travelling to Myanmar!

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