Golden Rock - The Immortal Legendary Gem in Myanmar

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It is believed that Myanmar is the house of numerous temples and pagodas; therefore, tourists from all corners of the world might never complete their travel to Myanmar without visiting one of religion - related sites. Among a huge number of these places, it is certainly great to drop in as many as possible for the sake of different discoveries and newly experiences. Nonetheless, if your time limits you to a sole pagoda, it would have to be Golden Rock.

1. What Makes Golden Rock a Must - Visit Site in Myanmar?

Well known with another name called Kyaiktiyo Pagoda in Myanmar, Golden Rock is named according to its striking feature. To be more specific, Kyaikityo Pagoda lies on the summit of a huge, bizarre, granite boulder where gold leaves are glued into by male pilgrim from all walks of life.

golden rock myanmar
First Glimpses of The Golden Rock in Myanmar

Located in Mon State, Myanmar, the glimpse of Golden Rock absolutely induces travelers to have an extreme impression and vast curiosity on its peerless structures. It stands as if preparing to fall down the hill. Most of tourists are seemingly amazed and experience wow moment at the very first sight of Golden Rock.

golden rock myanmar 1
Golden Rock - a priceless gem in Myanmar

It is amazing to get to know a legendary story behind Golden Rock. It is interestingly learnt that the Buddha had Golden Rock on hair for a time of unknown. There is a strong belief that Golden Rock is ranked third in terms of the significance concerning Buddhist pilgrimage site in Myanmar followed by Shwedagon Pagoda and Mahamuni Pagoda.

2. What to Do in Golden Rock?

It sounds cool to sit on a truck and go straightforward to the top of the mountain. The ride could take more or less than half an hour to reach Golden Rock. For people who are adventure oriented, the opportunity to ascend the mountain on foot is of an immensely inviting and fascinating experience. Taking delight in jungle sceneries along the road while putting effort to climb to the summit of Golden Rock are likely to promise an unforgettable trip.

golden rock kyaiktiyo
Overview of Golden Rock

Once getting onto the Golden Rock and looking it by your own eyes, tourists surely reconfirm their visit is truly a worth. From the mountain, it is easy to capture spectacular overviews of the surroundings. The feeling of bathing yourself into the colorful, magical landscapes is of rewarding memory.

golden rock myanmar 2
Golden Rock standing majestic at sunset

It makes the most sense to arrange your trip at dawn or at dusk when everything such as the sky, natures and people are in outstanding harmony. These times are of perfect opportunity to take stunning and untouched photographs.

3. Some Useful Tips for Golden Rock Visit

The best time to visit Golden Rock is in December when The Nine Thousand Lights Festival is held on a yearly basis. On this occasion, Burmese from various areas come to this sacred place for the primary purpose of worships and praying whilst tourists expect to grasp insight of a famous festival. Under the sparkling lights of a huge range of candles at night, the scene looks enchantingly exotic, amazing and worth to visit.

golden rock myanmar 3
Golden Rock at night with candle lights

It takes around 3 hours from Yangon to Golden Rock by taxi or by bus and a one hour air truck to reach to the top of the monument; thus, you are recommended to spend at least a night here so as to fulfill your excursion with most beautiful, breathtaking and unique views at the sunset and sunrise as well.

golden rock myanmar 4
Golden Rock looks magical at dusk

If you wish to remark you excursion by adventurous experiences, you might love to go for a trek instead of a truck to climb up to the summit of Golden Rock. It could be of a cool memory; however, please bear in mind to well prepare sun creams, a bottle of water and a suitable bag to keep your shoes as the heat might be a challenging obstacle and you are supposed to go on your barefoot.

golden rock myanmar 5
Pilgrims are praying at Golden Rock

In addition, due to its religious feature, you are supposed to wear in a formal way with a view to showing your respect to this site and other pilgrims.

Source: Myanmar River Cruises

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