Mergui Archipelago Fees – What Are They?

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To fully enjoy the experiences on a cruising trip, you should be well - prepared. In this article, we will inform you all kinds of Mergui Archipelago fees so that you can be financially confident during your cruise.

The pristine and unspoiled Mergui Archipelago located in the Andaman Sea off the coast of southern Myanmar. Including over  800 islands which are varety of vary of size, Mergui Archipelago is the wonderful destination which gives you a chance to discover and enjoy stunning marine life and lively coral reefs with Myanmar yachts charter.

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The beautiful Heart Island in the Mergui Archipelago

There are many islands even the ones which foreigners have never set foot on belonging to Mergui Archipelago. Here are some outstanding islands of the Mergui Archipelgo:

  • Lampi Island: It is the first Myanmar's marine national park and also the popular destination of tourists wwhen they visit to the Archipelago. It is famous for biodiversity, mangroves and coral reefs.
  • 115 Island: It  has a beautiful beach with white sand and turquoise water which varies in thousands of sea urchins and small colourful tropical fish. 
  • Nyaung Wee Island is the home of a number of Moken villages. Exploring this stunning area will give you a chance to learn about the local life and Moken's unique culture.
  • Phi Lar island has gorgeous beaches with white sand, palm trees, crystal water and spectacularly colourful coral reefs.
  • Myauk Ni Island gives you an opportunity to find out the life of the islanders.

In order to enter the water of Mergui Archipelago, where lies the very first Marine National Park in Myanmar and also an appealing exploration destination in the Andaman Sea, every foreign visitor has to make payment for an official fee applied to non - Burmese people.

The fee is constituted from many different factors and its calculation is based on the time of staying, the cruising itinerary, the size of the sailing yacht and the number passengers on board. The fee also covers the expense for visitor license, the charge for staying in the port and the payment for the services of different government departments.

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You Should Learn About All Kinds of Fee before Your Trip

In total, the amount of visitor fee that tourists have to pay for an exploring cruise that lasts for 6 days and 5 nights is 1450 US Dollar per person. For the passengers who hire a private yacht, the amount that they have to pay would be calculated individually.

We are very pleased to assist you in obtaining the visitor license granted by Mergui and we are currently offering a deal in which you can choose to make the prepayment for the visitor fee as well as the fee for hiring a private yacht. If you don’t like that option, you can choose to make a direct payment in cash to the officials at the port when you reach there.

In order to operate in Myanmar waters in general and Mergui Archipelago in particular, the cruise ships have to obtain the Myanmar license for vessels. The costs for obtaining this license will be entirely covered by us.

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Myanmar Visa Application Form Can be Filled in Conveniently Online

Upon their arrival in Kawthaung, all passengers who are on their trips to the Mergui Archipelago will be granted with the Myanmar visa. This visa will enable the visitors to stay in the region for the duration of two weeks. The region mentioned hereby is comprised of the township of Kawthaung and the Mergui Archipelago.

If you plan to the whole region, you will have to pay the visa charge of 30 U.S Dollars. Meanwhile, if you just wish to stay Kawthaung, you will only be charged for 10 USD. As always, when you arrive in the region, we will be very pleased to assist you in completing the visa procedure.

Foreign tourists visiting Myanmar want to travel beyond the boundary of the region will not be granted a visa upon their arrival in Kawthaung. Instead, it is a must that they apply for a tourist visa at least a month prior to their entry to Myanmar. At the time of writing this post, passport holders of 100 countries can apply for e - visa to enter Burma. For detailed info and procedures, check out the ultimate guides to get Myanmar E - visa.

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You Should Check the Validity of Your Passport Before Your Cruise

Finally, whether you are applying for which one of the two types of visa mentioned above, you should make sure that your passport still has six months of validity after the end of your cruise. Once everything has been well prepared, you can truly enjoy your exploring trip on Myanmar Private Boats with unforgettable experiences.

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