Don't Let Untouched Mount Victoria Enchant You!

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It is seemingly a headache question to explain why in the Chin State of western Myanmar, there is a mountain named oddly Mount Victoria. Victoria which means a four-wheeled pleasure carriage with a folding top possibly somehow gives a proper reason for the fact that Mount Victoria promises unbelievable and wow-worthy experiences for tourists.

1. Further details of Mount Victoria

Being a part of Nat Ma Taung National Park since 1994, Mount Victoria is well known for its incredible height and ranked first among other mountains in the Chin State. Besides its striking height of 3,053 meters, Mount Victoria is enviously surrounded by lust, green flora and fauna even on its peak. It is said that Mount Victoria is a sky island where its ecology features outstanding from various places.

Little villages in Mount Victoria

2. Things to see and do in Mount Victoria

The very absolutely starting idea is to take a trek at 100 percent of certainty. For adventure oriented travelers, this could be an immensely worthwhile opportunity for the sake of staying closer to untouched and magnificent natural wonders. It could be of an amazing treat if the weather allows you to see colorful rhododendrons and brilliant red flowers. There is a sure that you perhaps find it hard to resist your love for the poetic and enchanting landscapes.

Trek to Mount Victoria

It is commonly learnt that it might takes around 3 hours to climb up to the summit of Mount Victoria. However, if you simply wish to oversee the panoramas of picturesque and inviting sceneries, you are supposed to go for a four wheel driving so as to save your time and your energy as well.

Moreover, Mount Victoria is renounced for its numerous varied species, especially birds. Therefore, it turns out to be more fascinating and enjoyable to grasp further understanding of them and get familiar with a wide range of birds. You certainly get surprised to see a lot of birds freely live here. For this reason, Mount Victoria is a perfect site for bird lovers drop in and satisfy their love for such a lovely species.

Green Heaven in Mount Victoria

In addition, spending a night in Mount Victoria is not a bad idea for sure. There are a variety of options to overnight in Mount Victoria. One of them is to stay in a forest hut for the purpose of soaking in the nature and ready to hear different sounds at night. It might be a thrilled, breathtaking experience but extremely worth to give it a try.

Mount Vitoria in Mist

Another choice could be to go for a home stay at a local house. This is the amazingly time for tourists to gain unexpected and rewarding memories through getting the insight of day to day lives of tribes. The feelings of staying in a little house, having conversations with the friendly and enthusiastic hosts and enjoying meals with them are definitely of remarkable and memorable moments.

Grey headed Parakeet in Mount Victoria

3. Tips for Mount Victoria visit

The trek to Mount Victoria is probably a challenging challenge and takes you a plenty of calories; thus, you are strongly recommended to well prepare a bottle of water, sun creams and a little bit snacks so that you can easily take a convenient, short break during your trek in order to reenergize and get ready to keep moving.

Tribes in Mout Victoria

Furthermore, the trip can be accomplished just in one day. Nonetheless, if your time and enthusiasm permits, you are better to spend a night at the summit of Mount Victoria for phenomenal sunset and awesome sunrise. From the top, it is easy to capture the whole pictures of everything under and surrounding the mountain. It seems to be standing in the middle of a heaven to wallow into the charming and untouched scenes.

Jeep Adventure at Mount Victoria

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