Myanmar Cruise Safety and Security

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Myanmar is a mysterious country and also the largest one in Southeast Asia bearing the glorious history and the rich cultural heritages. Most of the tourist sites in Burma lie by the mighty Irrawaddy or Ayeyarwady River which is not only the backbone of the country but also an important part of the Burmese lives. Why don’t you try discovering the best of Burma by sailing down the beautiful tea - colored water in the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere of the river. Being a passenger in any ships of our Luxury Myanmar River Cruises, your safety and security will be our priority as well as the service and convenience.

Myanmar Cruise Safety and Security 1
Irrawaddy Explorer Cruise

Safety Equipment

Each and every vessels of Myanmar river cruise meets the international safety requirements. Furthermore, our ships are all - new and just operated in 2014. Our cruises do not need to carry lifeboats because the time for a vessel to reach the river bank or a sand bar to evacuate the passengers is much quicker than to transfer them onto the lifeboats. But still carry life rafts.

The ships are also equipped by the modern fire alarms and extinguishers, smoke detectors, hoses. The alarm systems are installed all over the ship, all visual and audible. There is a ship’s plan placed in every suite that shows the way to the muster stations. The signs leading to these stations are set throughout the ship and so the lifejackets, lifebuoys. Fire extinguishers are located outside all the public room.

Myanmar Cruise Safety and Security 2
Lifejackets and lifebuoys are placed throughout the ship

Safety Onboard

By the time you enter the ship, a brief demonstration about safety and the position of the muster station will be provided in a warm welcome.

When an emergency happens, the ship’s whistle will blast and the alarm bell will ring. Passenger should grab the closest life jacket, proceed to the muster drill and await the next instructions.

If you are not in your suite when a dangerous situation comes, DO NOT return to your place, move to the muster drills and wait for instructions. In case a muster station is not safe, the crew will escort you to another one.

Myanmar Cruise Safety and Security 3
Sign leads to muster station

Restricted areas

There are some places that only the ship’s crew can enter like the engine rooms, gangways, wheelhouse, galley and crew accommodations. If you entry these areas without permission, the crewmembers are allowed to take you out then make a report to the captain.

Myanmar Cruise Safety and Security 4
Passengers are not allowed to enter the restricted ares


We suggest all passengers that it’s better to abstain from smoking in the voyage. You are not allowed to smoke in all pubic areas and suites on the ship, even in the balconies. Only the back sector in the sun Deck is the smoking area.

Myanmar Cruise Safety and Security 5


Each cabin is equipped with an electronic safe for your use. Please use a number that will easy to remember, your phone number or your date of birth for example. If you forget your safe code, do not try to unlock with the incorrect number because it will become disable to use. Inform to the office immediately instead.

When the ship is moored for an ashore excursion, we recommend you to lock your cabin. Although, there always be someone to look after and control the access of the ship, you should keep your door locked.

Even when you are in the ship, you shouldn’t leave the door open when it not in use, especially at night. The ship will not take any responsibilities for the property loss such as: jewelry, money or any other valuable items. We suggest leaving them at home. However, you should take the travel insurance before touring as its policies will cover theft and loss.

There will be a discreet security onboard for the safety of the passengers.

Myanmar Cruise Safety and Security 6

Hope these instructions are useful for you. If you need any further information, the travel consultants of Luxury Myanmar River Cruises are always willing to help.

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