Do's and Don'ts in Myanmar – Useful Tips

10 Jun 2019 by Admin

Myanmar is a characteristic Asian country with long lasting history and unique culture. Whether you planning your shore excursions or cruise journey in the country, or any tour packages in Myanmar, there are something you should do and don't in Myanmar to have a perfect travel.

Do and don't in Myanmar

- Dos:

  •  Pay your respect the native people and their unique traditions
  •  You should smile to the Myanmar people at first meet
  •  Wear decent clothes when visiting religious sites such as pagodas and temples
  •  Tuck away your feet when sitting in front of the Buddha images or religious symbols
  •  Learn some Burmese words to interact with the locals
  •  Learn local customs before visiting ethnic minority villages to avoid cultural shocks
  •  Try traditional means of transportation in Myanmar
  •  Use your money wisely, purchase items at licensed stores
  •  Learn more about traditional festivals and ceremonies in Myanmar
  •  Change your money at reliable exchange counters instead of at the black market
  •  Join with the locals in their festivals
  •  Contribute to keep clean the environment and protect wildlife in Myanmar

 - Don’ts:

  •  Take any photos without their permission or making people feel uncomfortable
  •  Point with your foot on somebody else
  •  Touch anyone on their head
  •  Kiss in public areas
  •  Disturb people who are praying or mediating
  •  Call anyone with your finger up. It is considered an impolite action in Burmese culture
  •  Touch the robes of the monks
  •  Give money or sweets to Burmese children
  •  Use drugs in Myanmar
  •  Purchase wildlife products in Myanmar
  •  Buy antiques to maintain the unique heritage of Myanmar
  •  Come to anywhere you are not allowed to go

Note these things should do and don't in Myanmar to perfect your experience!

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