Which Activities You Can Join Onboard of Myanmar River Cruises

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Joining in the voyage with Luxury Myanmar River Cruises, tourists will have a chance to enjoy themselves in the lavish life of gracious service, spacious well – decorated cabins as well as numerous modern amenities onboard such as restaurant, spa and swimming pool.

Moreover, many activities and lectures are held during the journey on boat in order to entertain and provide interesting information about Burmese culture. If you are a food lover, you cannot miss the cooking demonstrations and lessons of some Burmese delicacies with the professional chefs.

Or you can try wearing the traditional attire - Longyi and applying the local natural sun – protection paste - Thanaka. There are also yoga sessions and meditation classes for passengers who wish to stay healthy.

Cooking Demonstrations and Lessons

There is no doubt that food plays a crucial part in every culture. Being a passenger on our high – class boats, tourists can have an interesting food journey from both domestic and international dishes. Beside, for those who want to learn to cook some Myanmar’s specialities or simply experience Burmese culture through its culinary, cooking demonstrations and lessons are provided under the illustration of the excellent chefs.

myanmar river cruises activities
Passengers join in the cooking demonstration onboard

The cruises offer these activities are Sanctuary Ananda, Belmond Orcaella and Belmond Road to Mandalay. Pandaw vessels also give the lessons of fruit carving and napkin tying for your interest. The time and place to hold these activities depend on each ship.

myanmar river cruises activities 1
The chef is performing his fruit carving skills

Wearing Longyi and Applying Thanaka Demostration

The 2 most distinctive symbols that you can see in every corner of Myanmar are the tube – shaped garment – Longyi wearing by all genders and the special paste on the face of Burmese people – Thanaka. It is good to know something about the country you want to come before departure, thus it may help you to avoid many awkward situations during your staying.

If you wonder why these 2 things are so popular among Burmese people, lectures and illustration onboard will help you to find out. The demonstrations will be delivered in the most interesting way by experts as well as our crew that promise to create one of the most entertaining moments and unforgettable memories. The ships offer these activities are The Strand Cruise and Anawrahta Cruise.

Activities You Can Join Onboard of Myanmar River Cruises 3
Passenger tries wearing Burmese's special paste - thanaka on Anawrahta cruise

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Taking Sunrise Yoga Sessions and Meditation Classes

To satisfy the demand of staying healthy, Belmond Road to Mandalay cruise offers yoga session and meditation classes onboard. They are leaded by our experts of Mindfulness journey: Brian Hilliard and Shannon van Staden with a variety of exercises for all levels and ages helping you to find your inner peace.

The activities take place in the open observation deck which allows you to soak up in the sunshine of the early morning as well as enjoy the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere of Burma.

myanmar river cruises activities 2
The sunrise yoga session with expert on Belmond road to Mandalay cruise

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