Ngwe Saung Beach – Paradise of Silvery Sand

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A Swift Glance over Ngwe Saung Beach

ngwe saung beach
Ngwe Saung Beach Is Famous For Its Azure Water and Silvery Sand

Officially opened in 2000 as a tourist destination, Ngwe Saung Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Irrawaddy Region in particular and Myanmar in general. The name Ngwe Saung in the tongue of Burmese means “Silver Beach” Locating on the coast of Bengal Bay, about 48 kilometers from Pathein Town, Ngwe Saung Beach is famous for its sandy beach and pristine natural surroundings. This is unarguably the ideal place for you to enjoy relaxation and amenity.

Where to stay in Ngwe Saung Beach?  

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Visitors can choose to either stay in a resort near the beach or book online a place in the Oceanfront Campground. This campground is highly recommended if you come to Ngwe Saung in high season and want to have a budget accommodation.

Exceptionally, you can even check in at 4 a.m, this is often impossible in other hotels. The camp is right on the beach, where you can enjoy fresh air and the beauty of nature. Here, you can have a buffet breakfast in an open air restaurant that looks over the bay.

What to do in Ngwe Saung Beach?

Visitors can walk along Ngwe Saung Beach and take part in a wide range of interesting activities here. This beach is also called the “endless” beach as it stretches in an uninterrupted line of approximately 15m kilometers with azure water and silvery sand. Unlike the crowded beaches of Chaung Thar, the atmosphere in Ngwe Saung Beach is relatively quiet and relaxing, making this beach an ideal place to sit back and bathe in the sunshine.

To serve the guests, many resorts place beach chairs and sun along the beach in the front. Even if you don’t stay in resorts, you are still allowed to use the chairs after buying a meal or drink. 

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After enjoying relaxation on the beach, you might want to head to the sea to swim with the fishes and admire the underwater world. Not very far off the beach is the Lover’s Island with many coral reefs residing around where you can join an exciting activity – snorkel diving in crystal clear water.

Unfortunately, there is no agency operating tour for snorkeling and diving around the island, but you can always ask a boat operator to take you to the snorkeling spot. Some boats even have snorkels and other diving equipment for rent. 

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For adventurous souls, you can hire a motorbike to explore some kilometers up and down the sandy beach and discover the intact beauty of the nature along the beach. You can pay a visit to Ngwe Saung Village, a small village where you can find many restaurants and shops selling clothes, souvenirs, and many other items. In most of the restaurants here, you can try delicious local meals and seafood at reasonable price.

How to get to Ngwe Saung Beach?

There are two main ways to reach Ngwe Saung Beach, either by bus or airplane. If you want to travel by bus, then you should take the bus at Hlaing Thar Yar Bus Station in Yangon. The buses often depart at 7 a.m and 10 a.m every day, they will take you travel 250 kilometers in only about five hours.

You will be dropped in Ngwe Saung Village. If you don’t ask your hotel to pick you up, then you can call a motorcycle taxi which will take you to your hotel with the charge of 1500 kyat or less. For those who want to travel by airplane, then the nearest place to take a flight is Yangon International Airport. You can look for the one with the most suitable flight time and at best price on the Internet.

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