Nyaung Oo Market Where Wakes Sleepy Bagan up

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In an enchanting land with endless temples and pagodas as Bagan in Myanmar, there is an incredibly fascinating place which shelters the soul of native people’s day to day lives. This is also the site where tourists absolutely feel high as popping into for a while. If you are curious about such an amazing spot called Nyaung Oo Market, please keep your eyes onwards this essay.

What makes Nyaung Oo Market outstanding?

The very first impression most of tourists might pursue as reaching Nyaung Oo Market is its vivid and vibrant atmosphere that awakens the old, sleepy Bagan. Whenever approaching this market, travelers are seemingly staying in a totally lively zone full of crowds, noises, and excitements and different from other areas in Bagan.

Nyaung Oo market

Like various markets, Nyaung Oo Market primarily functions in trading and harmonizing supplies and demands. It is hugely equipped with a wide range of stalls of all kinds of goods. This is a site where tourists are offered a lot of options for their choices ranging from Myanmar traditional foods, clothes, items to international products.

Clothing seller, Nyaung U Market, Bagan

It sounds to be impressive to learn the wet market in this venue. This is a space looking colorful and fantastic with a handful of fresh fruits, fishes, vegetables and so on and so forth. This actually a selling point that reflects the way local people are nurtured and grown.

Myanmar smile with yeallow face

Besides a variety of options for souvenirs such as Myanmar specialties like rattan items, tea leaves, handicrafts, tourists might find it terrific to get their clothes tailor-made by skillful hands of tailors. Dressing suitably in Myanmar styles is of a worthwhile and enjoyably experience for sure.

Nyaung Oo Market, Bagan - Experience Sanctuary Ananda Cruises in Burma

Furthermore, tourists are supposed to nonstop draw their attention to crafters who are creating wonderful works of art with the whole heart. On the witness of the sophisticated procedure of producing fabulous works, travelers definitely regards this site as worthy to visit.

Burmese Woman at Nyaung Oo Market

The best time to visit Nyaung Oo Market is the early morning when sellers and buyers are occupied with their own tasks. This is the perfect time for tourists to grasp insights Myanmar cultures and immerse into a bustling zone. Becoming a part of the market by walking around simply for sights or getting involved in trading transactions are of enjoyable moments.

Herbal leaves, Nyaung Oo market

With abundance of varied products offered at relatively reasonable prices, you are recommended to take something there to mark your memory of such an immensely memorable place. Please kindly remember to freely make a bargain before coming to the final trading to ensure you get the best price.

Even though people are busy with their stuff, they look enthusiastic, energetic and friendly as well. Seeing native people with sparkling smiles while they are handling with things perhaps enchants you to love them unknowingly.

It is surprising to know and encounter people with their face daubed with yellow powder. They seem to look out of normality, but it shows one of Myanmar cultures.

Baked clays at Nyaung U Market, Bagan Myanmar

A noteworthy point in Nyaung Oo Market is that among fascinating and vibrant zone, tourists are offer fantastic opportunities to take photographs of daily lives there. This is a place that produces stunning and untouched pictures reflecting thoroughly the authentic tastes of day-to-day lives.

Colorful Nyaung Oo Market

Overall, Nyaung Oo Market is a wow-worthy site and probably promises tourists from all walks of life unforgettable moments which are certainly delightful to their trip to Bagan. For the combination of numerous above mentioned driving factors and other reasons, it is strongly suggested that travelers should take Nyaung Oo Market into consideration as a must-visit spot in their trip plan as they surely can pursue amazingly great experiences valuable and noteworthy in their itinerary to Myanmar.

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