Nyaung U Market - The Bustling Breath of Bagan

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Overview of Nyaung U Market

Nyaung U (or Nyaung Oo) market is a local market in the village of Nyaung U which is settled in the northeastern area of Bagan. Together with the bloom of tourism in Myanmar, this once - quiet riverside village now has risen and shone, and become a center full of hustle and bustle of the modern life. Besides the majestic temples and pagodas of Bagan such as Htilominlo Temple and Shwezigon pagoda, Nyaung U Market is also a destination attracting thousands of tourists to this lively village.

What Makes Nyaung U Market Special

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The local market of Nyaung U can be regarded as one of the must - see places in Bagan and it offers a wide range of appeals to tourists. It is easy to encounter travelers from all over the world wandering around the market. Coming to this market, tourists have great chances of capturing vivid and unique photos and also the opportunity to look through the window into the daily lives of local people in Nyaung U.

What to Explore in Nyaung U Market

Though it is not a big market, there is a wide range of things for tourist to explore and experience here. The market is divided into many different sections trading different types of items, and there is even an area called “the wet market” where people selling aqua products. In "the wet market", they sell everything such as fresh fish, vegetables, handicrafts and so on. You can spend time strolling around and making trancsaction.

Almost all kinds of goods in Myanmar can be found in Nyaung U market, from longyi (the traditional sarong of Burmese people) to types of modern clothes, from products made of rattan to tea leaves – which is one of Myanmar famous specialties. Besides, Nyaung Market is full of colorful vendors and stalls selling various types of vegetables and fruits.   

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Tourists also have the opportunity to blend in with the local people in Nyaung U village and observe the way they perform their daily lives. Travelers can learn how a crafter transforms a block of wood into beautiful artistic products with their craftsmanship, encounter local women have their faces applied with yellowish powder called “thankaka” to protect and whiten their skin, observe how thankaka powder is made, and see apprentice nuns from the nearby monastery collecting offerings from local people. 

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Tips for Tourists When Exploring Nyaung U Market

The best time to visit Nyaung U market is in the early morning. This is the time with the largest number of people gathering in the market to trade their items and the life here is at its most vividity. If you want to experience the hustle and bustle in the market, try to be an early bird. You will have the chance to capture impressive photos of the colorful and lively life in the market. 

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Speaking of taking photos, you are free to take as many photos as you want without bothering other people. Myanmar people are particularly friendly and they are always willing to take a photo with you with a smile shine upon their faces.

If you want to buy some items from the market as souvenirs to bring home, try to utilize your bargain skill because the sellers often push up the price of goods. In addition, avoid people who try to put postcards into your hands or apply thanaka on your face because there’s nothing free here.

Moreover, if you want to taste yummy and tasty - looking delicacies in the market, be sure that you don’t have a sensitive stomach.

How to Get to Nyaung U Market

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Nayung U market is not too far from the Shwezigon Temple. Like almost roads in Mynmar, the road to Nayung U market is dirty but Nyaung U market is the spot which worths spending time visiting so a little dirt is not a big problem if you prepare for yourselves a pair of good shoes. Furthermore, you can easily access the place by e-bike, horse cart or local taxi from the airport with a reasonable price.

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