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What Are Pandaw Cruise Reviews?

This is a subject of real Pandaw Cruise reviews from travelers who stayed on Pandaw Cruise and took the trip exploring Irrawaddy River. You will find a lot useful information from travelers and also basing on your desire, you can choose a suitable route of Pandaw Cruise.

We have updated and divided all Pandaw Cruise reviews by positive and negative points so you can easy evaluate the cruise by yourself. If you still need more information about Pandaw Cruise, do not hesitate to contact us so we can provide you updated and accurate information for all luxury Myanmar river cruise.

Pandaw Cruise Reviews from Our Customers

1.From Msuzanneb (Greater Sydney, Australia) - January 2016


+ The cruise lasts 12 days on the Irawaddy River with a deep exploration of Myanmar.

+ A great way to learn more about local culture with interesting talks about religious and political histories on board.

+ The staff are very nice and attentive who care about every need of passengers.

+ The food is excellent, equal quality with a five star restaurant.

+ All cabins are clean, well-designed with balconies looking over the river.

2. From Tyma (Zurich) - November 2015


+ The itinerary is very interesting with various visits and stops at famous landscapes.

+All the staff are great, attentive and nice, the cabins are comfortable.

+Passengers on the ship are friendly too.

3. From M M (London England United Kingdom) - October 2015


+ The ship is made of teak and brass and beautifully decorated- an ideal place to relax and enjoy the cruise.

+ All cabins are equipped with private bathrooms with high level of comfort.

+ Foods on board are fabulous, plentiful and fresh. Free coffee, tea, local spirits and soft drinks are available all day.

+ All crew members are efficient, very kind and helpful.

4. From FPG2014 (London, United Kingdom) - March 2015


+ The ship offers a great opportunity to explore unspoiled lands, remote villages.

+ The staff on board are very graceful and attentive who make you feel like home.

+ The food is absolutely delicious which awakes all your senses.


+ There is no internet access during the journey.

5. From Emem2 (Singapore) - February 2015


+ The ship is beautifully maintained and furnished with teak and brass which brings tourists comfortable and relaxing moments.

+ All rooms are very comfortable and well designed.

+ Staff on board are excellent, careful and thoughtful.

+ The itinerary is arranged with various interesting visits to remote villages, marvelous onshore excursions.

+ The fellow travellers are kind and willing to share tips and experiences.


+ The itinerary may be delayed due to the water level, so it may affect to tourist’s plan.

6. From Ingwar E (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) - October 2013


+ Cruise program: excellent with various interesting visits and stops.

+ Cruise duration: 2 week, a plenty of time to discover amazing destinations.

+ The passengers have a lot experiences when travelling, they are kind and open.

+ The number of passengers is not many so people get to know each other quickly.

+ The crew is friendly and helpful.

7. From Steve S (Bucknell) - November 2012


+ The Pandaw Cruise lasts 2 days on Irawaddy River between Bagan and Mandalay with must-see destinations of both regions.

+ The crew are so careful and helpful.

+ The space on the ship is awesome, especially sleeping on deck under the stars is really an unforgettable memory.

8. From John (Perth - Australia) - October 2012


+ The itinerary covers 600 miles on Irrawaddy River with many things to see and explore.

+ The crews of Pandaw Cruise are all Burmese who were very proficient and helpful.

+ The sightseeing: very rural and backward by European standards the locals work hard in poor conditions, but always smile.

+ Complimentary services: wine served at the dinner and during the day all beer, spirits and soft drinks together with tea and coffee are available.


+ The Pandaw Cruise's cabins although not overly spacious are adequate with private facilities.

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