Places To Visit In Myanmar In December

17 Jun 2019 by Admin

I am sure we all know that December is the period most people like to spend their holiday. December is not just the holiday period but also a period of time when tourists like to explore the world. I promise after reading this article you will thank me for writing on this, you will also know the best places to visit in Myanmar in December.

The first place I will like you to visit in December when you are at Myanmar is Yangon.

Yangon has been a center of attraction since the British rule. The place is a point where the elegant Victorian townhouses and Georgian buildings are. You can navigate the roadways to see the Anglo spires of the St Mary Cathedral and the St Mary Cathedral itself.

The Shwedagon Pagoda is the point you don't want to miss when you visit Myanmar in December. This point magnetizes visitors. The point is the sacred spot that the holy lotus bud appeared to signal and pass information on the coming of Gutama Buddha. The point also served as a guide for the learned to Nirvana.

Don’t miss out visiting this point December when you visit Myanmar so you can experience and wonder about the glimmering gold construction, the prayer rooms and the specially designed and carved pavilions that have been set aside for pilgrims.

Next to the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, another place to visit in Myanmar in December is the Kandawgyi Park.

This point is a place where you have fun, walk around, gist, relax and have a drink. This place is just a fun filled and lush and green lake park. This park is a park that has different sections and options for you. The eastern part of the park has quite a great number of restaurants, there is also a lake side relaxing restaurants that gives you the chance eat and have a drink while having fun.

The other part of the park is the lake boardwalk. This part of the park has a nice elevated platform that serves the opportunity of having a good view of the lake. The elevated platform also gives you the opportunity to walk and exercise your body. In the evening, this part of the lake is also a very good point for you to have a view of the fantastic sunset of Shwedagon Pagoda.

Visiting this park December is just one of the great things you will thank yourself for doing when you visit Myanmar in December.

Even if you are not a museum person, I promise you visiting this museum December will interest you. The museum may look old but honestly the collection this museum has got will keep your mouth wide open. The artworks, the artifacts, the ethnicities, the cultural relics and tons of Golden Object in the museum are worth seeing. This museum is a point where you can learn about the history of Myanmar. This museum is a place worth visiting.

The Bogyoke Aung San market is another place to visit in Myanmar in December.

As a tourist, visitor or local, we all love to buy stuffs when we go on travel, visit and tours. That is the main reason why this point is also as important as the Museum and Park. The Bogyoke Aung San market used to be referred to as the Scott Market. This market happens to be a very old market that has been built since 1926 during the British colonial period.

Without compromising issues, the market has a look of the European looking Cobblestone Street with shops all around. The market also has indoor sections that give it a bazaar look. Visiting this market will complete your December visit to Myanmars.

A lot of other places like the Sule Pagoda (Historical and religious landmark in Yagon that houses business offices. The place is also the center transportation be it bus or other road transportation).

Another place to visit December is the Chaukhtatigyi Paya which is also referred to as the reclining Buddha. This budha is a massive one and every visitor will want to come to this point irrespective of the time they visit Myanmar.

Ngapali is another place that is worth visiting in Myanmar in December

Ngapali beach is one of the most important places to visit in Mynamar in December; the beach is pristine in Nature with palm trees fringed and white sand shore. I will say Ngapali is just Myanmar’s premier beach gateway. The sophisticated accommodation, the clear waters of the Bengal Bay and the resorts are what you will love when you visit Ngapali in December.

The fishing activities going on at Ngapali is mesmerizing and the boats that sail on the beach will always get your attention whenever you are around the beach and finally, the soothing characteristics of water will always make you calm.

Other activities like biking, trying seafood restaurants will also make you enjoy your December visit to Myanmar.

Next to visiting Ngapali beach for your December visit is the beautiful Myeik Archipelago (also called the Mergui Archipelago).

This beautiful island is another point that you must not miss visiting during your December visit to Myanmar.

Top sites like the Three islet (the home of three notable diving sites; the shark cave, the outdoor, and OK rock), the Lampi kyun island Marine national park , and the black rock must be visited at Myeik Archipelago.

Cock Comb island in Mergui Archipelago

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Finally ensure you visit Mrauk U

This is a very important archaeological town in Myanmars. This town was then assumed to be a fortress because of the thick wall it has got. The thick wall of Mrauk U was built as a form of shield and protection from fierce winds. The walls were not built as a form of protection from invaders. In this area, stone temples can be found everywhere.

Another plus is that you will take a boat before you get to this location. Taking a boat will add to your tourist experience and it will give you all the reason to enjoy your visit.

I hope this article has been helpful on places to visit in Myanmar in December.

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