Salay - Sleepy Town with Inviting Lullabies

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If tourists are enchanted by the charming, legendary land named Bagan in Myanmar, they are likely to fall in unaware love with a little, sleepy town called Salay which is rich in monasteries and monuments. Salay’s historical stories are seemingly lullabies bringing travelers back to the past.

What about Salay

Situated on the bank of Ayerwaddy River, Salay is in an easy access from the south of Bagan. Salay is the divergence of a number of religious sites such as temples, pagodas and monuments. Therefore, for those who wish to discover religion-related spots, Salay is of an ideal destination to drop in for a while for sure.

salay town
Yoke Sone Kyaung - the oldest surviving wooden monastery in the Bagan

The very first impression most of tourists might pose once placing their feet into such a quiet and humble place as Salay is that they sounds soak up the unbelievable peace and tranquility this land brings about. It is interesting to see local children peering out from windows to show their curiosity on the witness of strangers coming to visit their land.

salay town 1
Lives in Salay

It is truly right to regard Salay as a sleepy town as it is not more than a little village. Salay is where tourists are able to escape from the hustle of crowded city, the congestion of traffic and the exhaust from various vehicles. This is where people can forget challenging and tough lives and take advantage there time to enjoy incredibly friendliness of locals and warmness from untouched sceneries.

salay town 2
Dry river crossing on the way to Salay

Located not too far from Bagan; however, Salay itself possesses unique beauties which are hardly seen in other places. The presence of old ranges of houses styled in colonial Myanmar under the hues of peer blue and fade green absolutely make your day meaningful as you perhaps feel as if stepping back to Myanmar history.

Among a handful of monuments and monasteries in Salay, it is great to pop in as much as if you can. Nonetheless, if your time solely allows you to choose one to drop in, Yokesone monastery is definitely the must-see site.

salay town 3

When it comes to Yokesone monastery, tourists are surely having a huge impression on its architectures. It was styled in the fashion of crown prince and adored by stunning carvings. For carving lovers, this spot are considered a perfect site to fulfill your love with sophisticated and exotic carvings. Carvings are in the shapes of daily lives, Buddha statues, wedding couples and so on and so forth. They were surely made by skillful hands of talents.

salay town 4
Kyaung-Gyi in Salay

Yokesone monastery is also a site where tourists’ visits are popular. This is one of interest spot where cameras sound nonstop to whirr as people desire to take their own magnificent pictures of statues, structures and interiors.

Behind Yokesone monastery, tourists can find a lot of poets and writings created for such a long time ago. It seems to be fascinating to explore Myanmar cultures in years passing by.

salay town 5
Yoke Sone Monastery

It is well known that Salay is the hometown of a famous poetry whose work of arts had a great contribution to Myanmar literacy. As a result, travelers are capable of soaking up several heritages while further understanding tangible values there.

Salay and a wide array of attractions in Bagan have one feature in common. That is the offer of immensely poetic sceneries at sunset for travelers. It could be of unforgettable experience for tourists to climb to ancient pagodas to enjoy the magical horizon swallowing sunsets over the river.

salay town 6
Horse - cart drawn to Salay

There is a strong recommendation that travelers should organize their visit to Salay during a day as the available accommodation here might be the matter of concern. They are better off taking a torch along them for the sake of explore the monastery in depth due to the unavailable lights inside the site.

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