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In a noisy and gaudy urban area like Yangon, it sounds a piece of cake for most of tourists to capture the numerous colors of growing and vibrant Myanmar. For the sake of discovering effervescent Yangon, there is no point in your trip if you forget to pop in a primary market called Scott Market lying right on the centre of Yangon.

What is Scott Market?

It is said that Scott Market was constructed in 1926 and named after James George Scott who helped Burmese aware of football; however, its brand name was originated from the name of Mr. Gavin Scott - a Municipal Commissioner.

The market has another name of Bogyoke Aung San which is popular among locals. This is one of the biggest markets in Yangon which is best for buying souvenirs as well as other local products.

scott market yangon
Scott Market in Yangon, Myanmar

Scott Market is where travelers can seek for a wide range of goods and services such as jewelries, clothes, hand-made stuff, foods, works of art, even medicine. The market also offers the cash conversion from bank notes, foreign currency and so on. That is the reason why it is known as black market money changer.

scott market yangon 1
Souvenir shops at Scott Market

What to Expect in Scott Market?

For most of tourists, Scott Market is unexpectedly overwhelming thanks to is huge series of stalls and stores with the uncountable number of varied sorts of products. Nevertheless, different kinds of stores are allocated in a well arranged manner to make sure that the market is vast but not messy for the aim of convenient mechanization.

For travelers wishing to hunt for souvenirs, Scott Market is absolutely an undoubtedly proper site. In jewelry shops, a handful of gorgeous gems, rubies, stones and the like are sold; therefore, it provides you a lot of options to choose among them.

If you are an art oriented person, you do not definitely want to miss gallery shops where stunning works experienced the skillful and sophisticated creations are shown for sales. Handicrafts are of large availability as well.

scott market yangon 2
A gallery store in Bogyoke Market

In addition, Scott Market is the site where tourists can look for Burmese traditional clothes and other fashionable ones. Among a wide array of options, it is easy to find some clothes that are suitable for yourself and for your purposes. If you want to possess clothes of your own style, you can go for shop with tailoring services for matching your favorite demands.

scott market yangon 4
Scott market is an ideal place to buy longyi in Yangon

When it comes to restaurants here, it could be regretful if you fail to take such an amazing opportunity so as to try for hundreds types of dishes including Burmese traditional foods, desserts, foreign cuisines and so on and so forth. It is recommended to enjoying adventurous dishes from animals’ innards such as pig’s tripes, reddish brown and a lot more as long as you dare to go for new experiences which might not occasionally come.

scott market yangon 3
A food stall selling preserved fruits at Scott Market

Furthermore, antique lovers perhaps fall in love this incredibly fabulous market once they reach to antique shops. They are supposed to see a lot of old coins, overdue bank notes, stamps used in the past and the like. If they are on the hunt of these kinds of things to add to their collection, Scott Market is a great place to do so for sure.

scott market yangon 5
Antique souvenirs at Scott Market

Some Tips for Shopping in Scott Market

First and for most, it is wise to learn the opening time of the market. Scott Market is on act every day in a week except Monday. It is not operated after about 5 p.m. For this reason, if you have an intention to drop in Scott Market, please kindly remember to avoid the first day of the week and the evening as well.

scott market Yangon 6
Plentiful of cabbages waiting for sales

It is rather interesting to sitting for a meal at a little restaurant at the nearly ending of the day with a view to observing that merchants are finalizing their business and count for their turnover. It is the time when most of the shops are preparing to end all the deals and everything is seemingly performed in a rush way.

scott market Yangon 7
A typical flower shop at Scott Market

It is also necessary to remember that you should be ready to make a bargain on the purchase of any goods for better deal. If you are a good bargainer, you possibly get around 20 - 30% of discount.

Most of the sellers accept dollars for transactions, so you are able to get free of currency concern. However, if you wish to exchange money for easier use, you can do it right at Scott Market either.

» The market is closed on Monday and public holiday. Opening hours: 8:00am - 5:30pm. You can find the market at Bogyoke Aung San Road, between Shwe Dagon Pagoda Rd. & Shwe Bontha St., Latha Township.

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