Some Images of the Unique Traffic System in Myanmar

07 Jun 2019 by Admin

Traffic in Myanmar Has a Poor Infrastructure

Compared to other countries in Southeast Asia, the traffic in Myanmar is quite different. Transport infrastructure in Myanmar has become less backward compared to many countries but traffic jams still occur daily although the government of Yangon enacted the policy which banned motorbikes to circulate in urban areas.

Traffic in Myanmar

Myanmar government has banned motorbikes to circulate in urban areas since 2009 to reduce congestion. However, Burmese still frequently witness cars lining in long lines on the streets.

The Main Vehicles of Traffic in Myanmar

The most common vehicle in Myanmar is bus, vans produced 30 years ago. Banning private vehicles to circulate in urban areas is also part of the reason why public means of transports are always crowded, especially in rush hours.

Currently, Burmese’s lives remain poor, even backward when there are not many foreign investors.

A unique but popular vehicle in Myanmar is van carrying passengers. Each van can carry 7 to 8 guests but most vans are overloaded. Pedestrian status incorrectly specified location still frequently occurs. Some may point to build pedestrian overpass but not many people know.

It is common that pedestrians do not follow specified locations. There are some positions that overpasses for pedestrians are built, but not many people become accustomed to it.

Cars in Myanmar are mainly old ones (produced in 1950, 1960), originating from Japan. But since 2010, private companies have been allowed to import which makes quality and variety of cars more diverse.

Bus is a main vehicle of traffic in Myanmar

The vehicles here follow the right lane as in Vietnam, but the steering wheel is both on the left side and the right side depending on each car, so the car supporter takes an important task- to navigate.

Sometimes the car supporter has to sit behind the car to signal for motorcyclists to go aside so that the car turn left.

This is a corner of the suburban of Yangon, where motorcycles are allowed to circulate

Another distinctive feature of traffic in Myanmar is that motorcycles and rudimentary vehicles run on the mid-lane while cars run on two sides.

Like in Vietnam, motorcycle taxi services in Myanmar also develop well.

A unique public means of transportation still existing in Myanmar is drawn cyclo.

According to Mr. Thanh Tung – a tour guide, recently Yangon streets are continuously congested due to overpasses at intersections being under construction. The second reason is that there is a growing trend in importing second hand cars from Japan, South Korea with a relatively cheap price.

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