Some Simple Sentences in Burmese Language

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Myanmar is an attractive destination for international travelers since the land still maintains its traditional beauty and unique culture dating back from thousands of years ago. This country is located in Southeast Asia region, where almost countries have their own languages.

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Similarly, Myanmar people also have a national one called Burmese language. Most of them speak this mother tounge instead of English or other international languages. This can create diffculties for tourists, especially independent travellers come to this Buddhist country. It means that if you know simple sentences in Burmese language to interact with local people, you will get more advantages in your trip and get the hearts of Burmese people.


In Myanmar tours, you will certainly have the opportunity to communicate  with the natives, maybe on the streets, in markets, supermarkets or at some tourist sites because they are very friendly and hospitable. The followings are some simple sentences  in Burmese language which visitors can usefull apply to make short conversations withh the locals:

English Burmese language
Hello Min ga la ba
Hello (with friendly attitude) Nei kaung la
How are you ? Nei kaon la
I'm fine, thank you Ne kaon ba de
What your name ? Kamya ye na mee la be
My name is.... Ky a nau na mee……ba
Nice to meet you Twe ya da wanta ba de
Please Kyeizu pyu yue
Thank you Kyeizu tin ba de
Yes Ho de
No Ma ho bu
I am sorry Sau re be
Good bye Thwa dau me
Can you speak English ? in glei za ga go pyaw thet de la?
Help me A ku nyi lo de
Good morning Mingalaba
I do'nt know Kya-nau ma thi bu
Where is the toilet ? Ka mya yei, ein da ga be ma leh

We hope that these common sentences in Burmese language could help you to have  a  more interesting Myanmar river cruise & Myanmar holiday packages.

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